NFL Betting Tips: Daniel Jones vs. Eli Manning

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The New York Giants have had all kinds of issues in recent years, but the biggest has been figuring out what to do with Eli Manning. He is the franchise quarterback and a two-time Super Bowl winner, so you want to treat him with respect. But you want to win games, too.

NFL TeaserManning hasn’t been helping the Giants win games as much as he once did. That has had many calling for the Giants to move on, but to do that, they need an heir apparent—which they finally got in the last draft, former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones.

Yes, they play something other than basketball at Duke.

The Giants insist there isn’t a quarterback competition or controversy. But that doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate or even wager on how the season will play out for both quarterbacks.

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Jones vs. Manning: Who is Going to Start in Week One?

According to, the odds heavily favor Manning (-1200) starting in Week One over Jones (+600). This would fall in line with what the team has been saying all along—there is no quarterback competition

After the way Jones performed in his first preseason game, there was a reason to think he could get the nod if Manning totally flopped. But then he came back down to Earth in his second start making it more likely he does not start in Week One.

But he did play well enough that it will not be hard to see him getting playing time this season—especially if the Giants start losing. In the tough NFC East, that could happen sooner rather than later.

Who Will Start More Games? as given Manning the edge when it comes to starts as well. His odds to start more are set at -150 while the odds for Jones are +110. That translates into Manning having a 60 percent chance next to a 47.62 percent chance for Jones.

As the incumbent starter, it only makes sense for Manning to be the favorite, but that is a pretty high percentage for Jones. But more than likely, barring an injury, Manning will keep the job up until the bye week (Week 11).

If the Giants are out of contention by then, Jones will start the rest of the way.

Who Will Have More Passing Yards?

You would think that the edge in this one would go to Manning since he is more likely to start more games—but it isn’t. has Jones favored to throw for more yards (-140) than Manning (+100).

With the Giants likely playing from behind a lot, whoever plays quarterback is going to rack up some yards. Since Manning is probably going to start more games, he is probably a safe bet here.

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Who Will Have the Most Passing Touchdowns?

This one is kind of a tossup—and sees it that way as well. The odds for both players here are -120.

Manning has not been throwing many touchdown passes the last couple of years (21 last season; 19 the year before). So, just playing more will not necessarily give him an edge. The edge here goes to Jones since he may get a few in garbage time before he takes over in Week 12 which will pad his stats (compared to Manning).

But he only had 22 at Duke last year, so this one is far from being a lock.

How Long Can You Leave the No. 6 Pick on The Bench?

Typically, when a team uses a top-ten pick on a player, the plan is to get him in the lineup sooner rather than later.   But the Giants have been really reluctant to pull the plug on Manning. Since Jones has looked good (but not great) in two preseason appearances, it may be harder for them not to pull Manning if the Giants struggle out of the gate.

With their schedule, they could be 2-2 after the first four weeks before facing Minnesota and New England. But if they go 0-4 and then lose to the Vikings and Patriots as well, it may be time for a switch.

Our Betting Tips and Predictions for Daniel Jones vs. Eli Manning

Jones has looked good in the preseason, but not great—and it is only the preseason. You don’t pull a franchise quarterback like Manning because of anything that happens in the preseason. Take Manning to start in Week One (-1200).

Jones will become the starter once the Giants are out of it. That could be either after getting off to an 0-6 start or after the bye week (Week 11). As reluctant as the Giants have been to sideline Manning, take Manning to start more games (-150).

As for more passing yards, give Manning the nod here as well (+100), but roll with Jones for more touchdowns (-120). 

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