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Sports betting is a simple and fun activity to enjoy our favorite games while simultaneously making some money on the side. It is simple on the books, but perhaps not as much in reality, especially if you have hopes of winning. Making a wrong approach can turn you against sports betting real quickly. But if you can learn to make betting predictions, the game can turn a whole lot better for you. To make better sports betting predictions, read on to find out the top tips from us to better your chances of winning your bets.

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Learn the Basics

You can’t get too far in the game if you don’t even know the mere basics. It is absolutely crucial that you know the basics of sports betting to make your prediction game stronger. Start by learning how basic things such as odds, wagers, bets etc. work. There are many different types of bets and wagers available at your expense, so make sure you spend the time learning the basic stuff at first. Once you get the hang of it, you will understand things a lot better, which will help you in making a better prediction on individual bets.

Set Reasonable Objectives

While you are first starting, it is not uncommon to win your first few wagers. Someone who is vaguely aware of the popular tournaments should be able to make some accurate guess from time to time. But there lies a big difference in winning a few wagers here and there and winning often so that you actually make some money off of it. This is a rather difficult task. A small percentage of bettors end up being profitable in the long run.

If you start on your betting journey solely based on your sports knowledge, you are off to a wrong start. A successful sports bettor needs to know a lot more than just that. So don’t set up unrealistic objectives for yourself as you are not likely to achieve that very easily. Having a long-term set goal is definitely good, but don’t think you will make it as soon as you are starting. Make sure you set achievable objectives. You can start reaching for more once you gain some experience in the world of sports betting. But if your only goal is to have fun and enjoy the process, then you are already off to a great start.

Maintain a Budget

No matter how much expendable money you have, don’t ever go to the online sportsbook account without setting up a budget first. No matter your short or long terms goals and your bank account, you need to set up a budget. The most likely outcome of sports betting is losing money, rather than the other one. You need to set up a fixed amount that you are okay with risking and potentially losing without putting your life in jeopardy. The budget you set can be up to you. It can be daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. You can even set up a budget with no timeframe at all. Make sure it is set to an affordable amount and you don’t end up losing your grocery money because you were too greedy once.

Other than the set budget, another good idea is using a staking plan. This is a set of rules that will determine how much you can stake on each wager. This is relative to the size of your budget. The ideal staking amount should be around 1-2%, and definitely not more than 5%. This will let you go through a few losses without blowing off your entire budget real fast. The other benefits of using a staking plan are you are less likely to chase your losses or lose any money. You are also more likely to make rational decisions with a staking plan on hand.

Become Choosy

It is appealing when there are so many options right at your fingertips. Online sportsbooks have made it easier than ever to help you bet on every other sports event that is happening from the other side of the world. It is sure tempting to want to place bets on everything and increasing your chances of winning. But it is really important that you become choosier. Placing too many wagers is the same as placing too many stakes on the wagers. You are more likely to lose your money way faster this way.

Being selective when there is a world of options at your expense, however, is not easy at all. We do understand that you don’t know how to let go of the opportunities when they are just right there waiting for you. What you can do is be selective here and only bet on the sports you are most accustomed to. You don’t need to focus on a single sport, but avoid placing bets on too many at the same time. Focus on the sports you know the most details about, as this will help you make better predictions based on past deductions.

Go Online

Place your bets on online sportsbooks rather than going physical. This is the easiest and the most convenient way to place sports bets. The difficult decision here though is deciding on the sites you want to join, as there are way too many. Majority of the sites are from reputable operators so they are secure to use. But there are scammers out there as well. The basic rule of thumb is to check whether the site has a license from a reputed authority.

To take full advantage of going online, sign up with multiple sites. The biggest positive for doing so is that it becomes easier to compare the odds and lines for placing your wager bets. Another great advantage is that you get more bonus offers and rewards. Almost all sites offer some sort of bonus or free bets to their new customers. Most sites also offer some kind of loyalty program to keep their existing customer happy and loyal. Spend some time on learning which sites have the best bonus and promotional offers and how you can get the most value out of them.

Compare the Odds and Lines

To make your betting predictions come true, this is one of the most crucial things you can do. Comparing the odds and lines is simple once you get the grasp of it. Not all the bookmakers and sportsbooks offer the same kind of odds and lines so you need to shop around for each wager. By doing so you can make sure that you are getting the best possible deal out of every wager you place. The differences in odds and lines are usually quite small, but they do add up over time.

Don’t Choose Your Favorites

Most bettors start by placing their bets on the sports they personally enjoy the most, so in most cases, they will have a favorite team or player. They want their team and player to do well for obvious reasons, and this can make them biased towards that particular player or team. This kind of influence is not good for making good sport betting predictions. The bettors tend to forget that they are here by themselves to win, instead of wishing for their favorites to win.

If you are only betting for fun, then it is all right to bet for your favorites. However, if you are in it to make real money, then you need to avoid following the bias. This can seriously cloud your judgments, and the final outcome will not be fruitful for you. This is why you need to avoid betting blindly on your favorites. A good way to avoid that is to not place bets at all on the games your favorites are playing. This way you can stay neutral and instead work on other factors to come up with your sports betting predictions.

Prediction Strategies for Specific Sports Events

Each individual event and tournament comes with their own set of prediction rules. You can hope to gain maximum wins by following each game closely. A lot of the times the past results can give better outcomes over anything else.


NFL has around 15 or 16 games taking place each week. The best way to make your bets turn to wins is to bet only on a few games. Focus on them solely instead of running around frantically trying to get a bet on every game. Focusing on some fixed games can have better outcomes, as this will narrow down your decision making options. You can use a similar rule while deciding on the number of wagers you want to place on an event or even a single game. For each NFL games, there are dozens of options, but that doesn’t mean that you should place a wager on all of them. If the total is hard to decide on, focus on the point spread instead. If that’s hard as well, look at the other betting markets.


For getting better predictions in the NBA, do your homework during the preseason. Learn about the league, each team, coaches and players. Try to see the pattern in the past wins and losses from each team. Once the event starts, consider the lines at night as they are set. The closer the game time, the harder it is to beat the NBA line. The first half of the season is crucial for the top defenses. Most teams can score since they are in the NBA but stopping others from scoring is more crucial.

The second half of the season can be a lucrative prospect. The behind teams often buckle up during this time. A good club that has been underachieving during the first half is more likely to do that. And good teams with a huge lead point tends to often let down. Pinpointing down a team that is most likely to spend most of their efforts in the second half of the NBA will most likely get you to the winner.


The books on NHL don’t spend as extensive time periods as they do on basketball and football. Even a moderate bankroll can turn into a sizeable profit with patience. Betting on the favorites in the NBA and NFL are not suggested, but such is not the case for hockey. The good teams in hockey tend to win over the bad ones match after match. You can blindly take on the top 8 teams during the midseason mark and still end up with a good amount of money. The favorites will be up by then, and if you follow the exact odds, it is very likely that you will win. NHL is the tournament where you can really make your betting predictions come true with minimal effort, as it is the nature of the sport itself.


The soccer betting predictions will solely base on the research you do. The game winnings are sometimes random, as the underdogs often win over the favorites during the world cup and other leagues and tournaments. You need to have a good grasp of the game, and knowing well about how the teams have been doing prior to this particular event can be immensely helpful. To make better decisions, don’t just stick to one bookmaker, and shop around instead. Try to not be biased towards your favorites, and instead go with your research.


Horseracing is a different ball game as it is so different from other sports. Try to be very specific while placing your bets on horseracing, as there are many races happening all the time. Try to find an area that you can get better at. Then be only on those races and watch all of them to get the best picks. Use a database to keep track of your views and notes from each of these races. If you want to make profits from horseracing, then price up. It will give you better odds and halt you from making too many bets.


The rules from soccer and NHL or NBA apply here as well. The odds are also the same, as there are American, fraction and decimal odds. As you would with soccer or basketball, make sure you are shopping around. And don’t make any rash decisions by being biased.


The best way to make your sports betting predictions come true is to do your research. This research will include getting the ins and outs of the sport itself, as well as learning the ropes of each tournament. Looking at the past data is always a good indicator of future wins. And unless its hockey, don’t place all your bets only on the favorites.

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