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Best Sports Betting Bonus for Canada

Canada flag button betting bonusHere at Sportbetting24.ca, we provide the best information relating to betting bonus offers in 2020. Using our expert knowledge and research we have compiled a comprehensive guide for your benefit. We know that choosing a suitable offer is a daunting task – with such a large selection of promotions to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed.


Fear not! If you feel like this, read on and that fear will be replaced by exhilaration and excitement as we open a world of new possibilities for you. After reading this guide, you will have no doubt about sportsbook bonus offers, how they work, and how to choose the best value promotions!
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List of Betting Bonus for Canadian Players 2020

100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min deposit: €0.05
  • Min odds: 1.50.
  • 5x bonus
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min deposit: $10
  • Min. odds of 1.20 (1/5)
  • Claim offer within 30 days
100% up to $150 Welcome Bonus
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Min. odds: 1.50
  • Rollover: 6x bonus
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Min. odds 1.50
  • Rollover: 6x bonus
100% up to $20 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds 2.00
  • Rollover: 35x bonus
100% up to $100 Welcome Bonus
  • Up to 100 CAD
  • 5x rollover requirement
  • 1.40 minimum odd
100% up to $100 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds 2.00 (1/1)
  • Rollover: 1x Bonus
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds of 1,50
  • + $10 casino bonus
100% up to $100 Welcome Bonus
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Min. odds 1.50
  • Rollover: 6x bonus
100% up to $300 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $1
  • Min. odds 1.40
  • Rollover: 5x Bonus
100% up to $250 Welcome Bonus
  • Code: CAN250
  • Min odds: 1.50
  • Rollover: -
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds 1,80
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds: 1.30
  • Rollover: 5x Bonus
100% up to $100 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to $100
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Deposit + Bonus: 5 x, min. odds 1,75
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to $200
  • Deposit + Bonus: 5 x
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to $200
  • Bonus + deposit: 8 x, min. odds 1,80
100% up to $125 Welcome Offer
  • 100% up to $125
  • Min. deposit $20
  • Deposit + Bonus: 10 x
100% up to $50 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $20
  • Min. odds 1.80
  • Rollover: 35x

What is a betting bonus?

First, let’s look at what this term means. A betting bonus is essentially a promotional offer that sportsbooks in Canada provide. These promotions come in many forms, but the underlying theme is that you receive some form of a cash reward – like a free bet or a matched betting dividend.

Types of betting bonuses

There are many types of betting bonus available and we have described some of the most popular below:

Welcome bonus

welcome betting bonus 150x150Sign-up bonuses are specifically for new customers when registering an account. Oftentimes, these offers are tied into a customer’s first deposit too and provide a matched deposit bonus. In most instances, sportsbooks will offer a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit.

Cash Bonus

cash betting bonus 150x150Instead of a specific matched bonus, some sportsbooks simply give a set value of free cash. You may have to make a minimum deposit, but the bonus value is not tied into how much you deposit. Generally, cash bonuses can be spent on any sporting event.

No Deposit Bonus

no deposit bonus canada 150x150This type of offer typically has a lower value and a higher wagering requirement. This is because you don’t have to spend anything to get the reward. Usually, no deposit offers are credited as soon as you register your account.

Free Bet Bonus

Reload Betting bonus 150x150Some sportsbooks give free bets – these are usually a set value such as $5 or $10. You do not have to spend any of your own money to place a free bet. However, if that bet loses, the free bet value is gone, and you cannot spend it again.


Wagering is the bane of sportsbook promotions. Most promotions have wagering requirements. This is a set multiplier that you must spend in relation to your dividends before making a withdrawal. For example, you have a $50 bonus with a 10x wager requirement. This means you must spend $500 (10×50) before withdrawing any bonus funds.

It’s essentially a safeguard that sportsbooks impose so that you can’t simply claim your free cash and withdraw it immediately without spending any money.

Rollover Requirements

Wagering requirements and rollover requirements are essentially the same terms. They are often used interchangeably. Like wagering requirements, rollover requirements mean you must spend a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any bonus funds.

betway freebet club betting bonus canada

Betway offers Free Bets for their customers every week

Minimum Odds

Many offers have minimum odds. This means that when placing a wager using your dividends, you cannot exceed a specific odd value. Sportsbook platforms do this to limit how much you can potentially win from an offer.

Typically, promotions have odds restrictions off less than 1/3 (1.33) – some even go as low as 1/5 (1.2). Rarely will you find a promotion that has minimum odds of ½ (1.5) or higher.


To put this info into practice, let’s look at an actual example – BetWinner, 100% matched bonus up to $100

This is straightforward – your first deposit received a 100% bonus up to a max value of $100. Therefore, if you deposited $50, you would receive $50 bonus funds. This offer has a rollover requirement of 5x meaning you would have to spend $250 before withdrawing any bonus funds.

Also, it has a minimum odd requirement of 1.40 meaning you can only place bets with your bonus funds that have odds of 1.40 or greater.

How can you find the best betting bonus?

In the section below, we have provided some info on average promotions, and how you can choose an offer wisely:

What is the average sportsbook bonus?

  • $100-150 maximum bonus funds
  • 100% matched deposit- A minimum deposit of $10
  • Rollover of 10x
  • Expiry period of 30 days
  • Minimum bet odds of 1.5

The above shows an average created from a plethora of current sportsbook promotions including Bet365, 888sport, CampoBet, BetWinner, and NeoBet.

888sport canada welcome offer betting bonus

Bet and get up to $200 on your first deposit at 888sport

This gives you a fair idea of the middle-ground – what you should be aiming for as a minimum. Ideally, you want an offer that has a lower rollover requirement, higher minimum bet odds, and a lenient expiry period.

It is advised to stay away from offers that have much higher rollover requirements than 10x as this means you must spend more cash before benefiting from the offer.

How can you choose the best offer for you?

You can first use the above-average to gain an idea of what constitutes a solid offer. In addition to this, check out the above info table on this page – this widget shows the best-recommended bonuses for punters in Canada.

What are the pros and cons of sportsbook bonus offers?

So now you have a greater understanding of betting bonus offers, what are their pros and cons? We want to be transparent, so we have provided in detail the limitations of these promotions too – you must have a clear picture and understand both sides of the argument:

pros betting bonus canadaPros


  • Free cash
  • Allows for experimentation
  • Allows you to test a sportsbook
  • Can lead to profit

First and foremost, you are receiving free cash that you would not otherwise have to gamble with – who wouldn’t love this? In addition, if you think carefully and choose your bets wisely, you can turn your dividends into a profit!

Not only that, but a sports betting bonus gives you the freedom to experiment and have a little fun. You can test the platform and see if you like the betting slips and its choice of games/competitions etc. Furthermore, you can try out some different wagers that you may have not considered when using your own cash.

cons betting bonus canadaCons


  • Wagering requirements
  • Imposed odds restrictionsTime restrictions

Where wagering requirements are concerned, you inevitably have to spend more. Not everyone wants to spend large sums on sports gambling – wagering requirements force you to do this.

Additionally, most offers including free bets have odds restrictions. This limits your freedom and means you can’t just place bets on whatever you want. Finally, most offers have time restrictions – you can’t simply use the offer at your own leisure. This can lead to increased pressure and make you waste your dividends with poor bet choices.

What are the important terms and conditions to consider?

terms condition betting bonus 150x150We have mentioned this several times already but let’s look at terms and conditions in greater detail. Usually, terms and conditions contain specific features that you must look for. These are the most important aspects as they directly affect the value of the offer, and how you can use it. We have listed the 6 most important factors to look for in the terms and conditions:

  1. Wagering requirements
    Wagering requirements are usually shown as a multiplier like 5x. Also, it will state if the wagering requirement applies to just the bonus funds, or your initial deposit too. If an offer stated that a 5x wagering requirement applies to your bonus funds; this means you have to spend 5x the bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings. So, if the bonus was $10, you would have to spend $50.
  2. Minimum deposit value
    All promotions relating to a deposit, such as a matched betting Canada bonus, or an initial deposit offer have a minimum amount you must spend. It is important to know this, so you know how much you need to have in your account. Typically, minimum values will be $5 or more.
  3. Maximum betting odds
    Promotions that relate specifically to bets often have odds limitations. This limitation is imposed to limit the winnings you can make. In most instances, promotions will not offer odds better than 0.5 (evens). Always be sure of any odds restrictions!
  4. Available betting markets
    In addition to restricting odds, a sportsbook often limits the offer to particular markets. For example, you may only be able to spend bonus funds on soccer or basketball. Alternatively, they may exclude certain sports from the offer.
  5. Expiry period
    A betting bonus does not last indefinitely. Virtually every promotion has an expiry date. Firstly, in most instances, you must claim the promotion within a set period. Secondly, most promotions specific a period in which you must use any dividends too.
  6. How bonus funds/bets are used
    Finally, an important condition to look for is how you can use the dividends. Some platforms make bonus funds non-withdrawable i.e. they will always be bonus funds and you just keep using them until they are spent. Other platforms may return the bonus funds as part of any winnings – it is important to distinguish, and understand exactly how you can use your dividends.

Where Can Punters Find the Best Betting Bonuses?

It can be a minefield trying to find a suitable betting bonus – we understand this. There are hundreds of sportsbooks for Canadian players to choose from. How can you be sure which sportsbooks are reputable? Furthermore, how can you know which are the best promotions that provide real value for money?

neobet canada sports betting bonus

One of the best betting bonuses will you find at Neo bet Canada

If you are reading this, then you have already come to the right place! At Sportsbetting24.ca, we have in-depth knowledge of the Canadian sports betting industry. We have years of experience and have insider knowledge from different sportsbooks.

As a result, punters can find the best promotions for sportsbooks here! Simply check through our range of reviews and articles – you can find a wealth of information relating to bonuses, sportsbook viability, and even betting tips. Sportsbetting24.ca is your one-stop solution for sportsbook betting.

How to Register at a Betting Site?

Whilst understanding the different bonuses is important, you must also be clear on how to register at a betting site. This is the first thing you must do before claiming any offer.

The step by step process will vary from platform to platform, but there is a general chain of events that you must complete. We have provided an approximate guide below:

  1. Find the Sign-up link on the website (could be called register or create account)
  2. Complete the registration form and enter requested details
  3. Choose an account username and password
  4. Submit the registration application
  5. Validate the registration or activate your account via the email link

The registration form usually involves filling out details like your name, address, email address, and date of birth. These details must be valid – you can have your account void if you enter fraudulent details. Some betting sites will require that you have a username, whilst most will simply use your email address as a username – either way, you usually have to create an account password too.

Finally, most websites have some form of authentication/validation system to prove you are a real person. This could be sending a code to your smartphone, or making you click an activation link in an email. This is a safeguard against fraud.

Once you have fully completed and validated the registration process, you can then login with your account details and make a deposit!

Using betting predictions to boost your sports betting bonus

We understand that customers always want to try and gain an advantage. Whilst betting on sports is fun, we all want to make some cash and turn our $10 into $100.

Although there is no sure-fire way to win, we have a range of betting predictions that can help turn the odds in your favour.

We provide weekly betting tips on different sports such as soccer, basketball, and American football. These tips and predictions are sourced from the top sites and sportsbooks.

You can use these betting predictions when spending your bonus funds and hopefully make a profit! Alternatively, if you are struggling for inspiration, and want to try some different bets for your bonus funds, these betting predictions may give the revelations you require!

5 Betting Bonus Tips to get the best value from your promotion

You should now have a clear idea of the best betting bonus types available. But how can you use them wisely? How can you benefit fully and ensure that you get the best value for your money? We have listed 5 useful tips relating to sportsbook promotions below:

arrow betting bonus canada

Bonuses Can Be an Opportunity to Experiment.

Have you ever wanted to try out some of the rarer bet types to see if you can make them work? For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to test your theory, that betting on the number of corners in a soccer match is a sure-fire win?

Using your own cash to do this can be risky. However, using a matched betting bonus is essentially risk-free! You are only spending bonus funds, which gives you the opportunity to experiment with your bets.

arrow betting bonus canada

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions for the Bonus.

This I vital! We have seen many instances of Canadian customers complaining about offers when in reality, they haven’t read the terms and conditions properly. Terms and Conditions are there for a reason!

These are the rules you are bound to when using a promotion. You must have a full understanding of the rules in order to use your dividends properly.

arrow betting bonus canada

Don’t Always Settle for The Offer That Seems to Give You the Biggest Bonus.

The biggest value does not always mean the best value. This is a mistake many people make. They see a promotion with a huge value and automatically think it is brilliant! However, if they delve deeper into the terms and conditions – the offer may not look so promising.

Large value offers often have major drawbacks like harsh wagering requirements. Don’t assume that large value offers are the best – read the terms and conditions carefully so you can see the true value of a sportsbook bonus.

arrow betting bonus canada

Don’t Always “Go for The Gold” When Utilizing a Betting Bonus.

It is tempting to go for gold and spend all your bonus funds immediately. We advise against this – yes there may be time restrictions on your bonus funds, but that doesn’t mean you must splurge them in one go.

Choose your wagers carefully. Look at the odds. Do a little research into the games or previous stats. If you use your dividends carefully and intelligently, you can make a profit!

arrow betting bonus canada

Stay Within the Terms and Conditions, So the Bet isn’t Invalidated.

We must reiterate again the importance of terms and conditions. It is vital that you stay within these terms. If you do not, and you do something outside the rules, your whole bonus could be invalidated. This means you would lose any bonus funds and not be able to claim the promotion again.

FAQ’s for Sports Betting Bonus

What is a Betting Bonus?

A sports betting bonus is an offer that gives you extra cash, or improved odds when placing bets on an online sportsbook. Different types of sportsbook bonus include a welcome offer, cash bonus, no deposit bonus, free bet bonus, and reload bonus.

Where can I get a Betting Bonus?

Most sportsbooks like Bet365, 888 Sport, and Neo Bet have promotions – you can find these typically in the scrolling header graphics of a website. Alternatively, they often have a dedication promotions or bonuses page where you can find info on all offers.

Which Betting Bonus is the Best?

This is subjective based on what each person enjoys, and how they gamble. The best offers have simple terms, low wager requirements, and lenient betting features such as high odds and high bet values. Essentially, the best offers are those that let you use your dividends freely without constraints.

Can I use more than one Bonus?

In most instances, sportsbooks limit each customer to one active offer. This should be made clear in the terms and conditions. For example, if you have an active welcome offer, you usually cannot combine it with a different promotion.

How often will I be offered a Bonus?

This depends on the type of offer. Welcome offers are a one-time deal only – each customer gets one welcome offer. Other offers like odds boosts or reload bonuses may be offered periodically. Some sportsbooks also offer weekly or daily offers that you can claim repeatedly (but not within the same week or day).

Is there a maximum amount I can bet when using my Bonus?

This depends on the offer. Obviously, you have a limited amount of bonus funds – and you generally have to use these separately to your own funds. In addition, many sportsbooks do limit either the maximum odds for your bonus bets or the single amount you can place using your bonus funds.

Can I wait to use my Sports Betting Bonus?

Usually not. For most sportsbooks, the bonus funds or offer is only valid for a set time period. Firstly, you usually have to claim the offer within a few days of registering an account (if it is a welcome offer). Secondly, any bonus funds you acquire have an expiry date – a common time limit is 30 days.

Choose a betting bonus today and start experimenting

A betting bonus gives Canadian customers great value for money. Firstly, if you want to test a sportsbook platform out, you can make use of a welcome offer. Using the bonus funds, you can place some bets, and get a general feel for the platform and its offerings. Secondly, if you place your bets carefully, you can turn the sportsbook bonus into profit! To achieve this, always read the terms and conditions fully. This ensures you are clear on wagering requirements, and any maximum odd restrictions.

Most of all, betting bonuses are a great way to have fun. Using your extra funds or free bets, you can place some wagers on your favourite sports teams, or the latest events.

Exklusive Welcome BonusExclusive Welcome Bonus at NEO Bet
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Our Rating: 97/100
  • Outstanding football betting offer
    Over 40,000 individual offers daily
  • Above-average odds
    over 95 percent
  • Easy handling
    Full betting program also mobile
  • $200 exclusive welcome bonus
    100% on the 1st deposit