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live bettingIf you have never come across the words “live betting”, you are missing out on all the fun! It is an exciting new way of looking at real sports matches and making huge bucks off the match predictions! If that raises questions in your mind, fear not! We are here to walk you through this amazing universe of live betting, step by step.

Live In-Play Sports Betting Sites 2020 for Canada

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93/100888sport Review
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93/100Bodog Review
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93/100Sports Interaction Review
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Top Live Betting Sites

To help you get started with the game easily, we have listed down the three best live betting websites across the globe. Hop in on any of them and start you live betting journey!


Similar to Pinnacle, 888Sport also comes with a wide variety of sports. You can find all of them listed alphabetically on the sidebar menu. Along with the popular live betting games like horse racing, basketball, soccer and cricket, it also includes other smaller games like darts, snooker, cycling and rugby. Additionally, there are also options to do live betting for political events (like elections) and TV show results (like Oscars and Miss Universe). This takes the betting fun to a whole new level. Although these events don’t take place very often, they make for great entertainment and huge wins if you do the bets right. 888sport offers you $30 welcome bonus if you use a promo code while making your first deposit. After that, when you place the first bet worth $10, you will get 2 free bets worth $10 and a $10 Free Bet for mobile!

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Betway is the perfect place for the impatient players or the ambitious ones. That is because it introduces you to a $1000 welcome bonus and more than 450 casino games! Even by playing the Free Bets, you can get $10 on a weekly basis! You can also win $25,000 if you predict the four players who will end up scoring first. Being the main sponsor for West Ham United Football Club, Betway mainly focuses on soccer matches. But it also includes other sports variations including cricket, basketball, boxing, tennis, badminton, cycling, golf and many others. Under their “In-Play” table, you get to see information about the ongoing sports matches like their quantity, categories, odds etc.

Although these three are currently the safest options for any newbie to try out, you can play on any other live betting platform instead. Just make sure they have a good record among the regular bettors and cover the area you are interested in. The operators that offer live sports betting provide it to all the customers, both inside and outside of Canada.

What is Live Betting?

The first time you hear the term “live betting”, it may sound like a slot game thing to many. However, in reality, it means something else entirely. Live betting is what happens when people bet in real time about the outcome of an event. It is mostly used for sports-related occurrences where you get to predict who is going to win. This has been going on for generations but usually under the table. Large sums of money used to be at stake and courageous people would put their instincts to test during a popular game. Soccer, basketball, baseball, badminton, cricket and horse races are just a few of the wide variety of popular events for such bets.

Now you can get a hold of such fun as well by engaging in online live betting platforms! There are many websites and mobile apps right now which dedicate themselves to live sport betting enthusiasts. No matter where you are – right in the playing venue or back in the comfort of your home – you can make your valuable guess and the subsequent bet from those platforms. If you are looking for such platforms, you may find them under other aliases like “in-play betting” or “in-running” betting.

The biggest market is in football, or soccer to many people. This may be simply because football is the most watched sport in the world, therefore, it is also the most gambled on sport as well. If you happen to enjoy watching football, especially European football, then the live gambling markets are very active with live odds changing second by second with most of the biggest licensed bookmakers.

How to Play?

There are two ways you can go about live betting – betting on statistics or going with your instincts. Both of them are popular among the players. The first one can bring you more peace of mind knowing that you are depending on numbers instead of just urging. The second one, on the other hand, can bring more excitement to the game. No one can explain instincts but it has been known to be quite powerful in the history of mankind and continues to be one of the most dependable factors in decision-making even today.

The live betting begins just before the game has started and continues until the end. You need to place your bet on the desired player or team throughout this duration. It may change or you can stick to your favorites. In reality though, every gambler person changes their choice multiple times during the game’s runtime as the odds keep changing continuously for the players!


If you want to sit on the statistics’ side, you can take help of the many online sportsbooks available now. Just a search on Google can land you on the sportsbook of your choice. It will show you who the odds are in favor of at any point in the game. It can be the result of one team earning a point over the other or just a course of action committed by a player. The underlying algorithm of a regulated sportsbook takes in every single move of the game affects and updates the odds accordingly.


If you are one of those people who love adventure in whatever they do, going with your intuition might be the better choice for you. Even without a sportsbook, an expert or a very observant person can make fruitful deductions from considering all the incidents of the live sports event. You can make these deductions or predictions by keeping an eye on the game right in the field. Alternatively, you can take help of a strong reliable WiFi service and watch it from the snuggly couch at home. What matters is your observation and deduction power, not your location.

Why Do People Play Live Betting?

Live betting may seem like too much of a risky deal for you. But there are multiple reasons which are drawing more and more people to this exciting world. We discuss only a handful of them below:

Adrenaline Rush

The most undeniable aspect of live betting is the adrenaline rush. The constant calculations, unpredictable setbacks and adjusted odds of following the game and trying to predict the outcome based on the current live score will keep you on your toes throughout the game. You need to come up with better tactics and strategies to suit the new developments on a regular basis. This keeps you engaged at all times and thus makes the betting even more fun for you! Especially when your prediction proves to be right, the huge chunk of money falling into your lap raises the amusement level even higher.

Huge Profits

As we mentioned in the previous point, big financial wins also play a significant role in live betting games. For starters, there are many online live betting sportsbooks which will provide Canadians with a welcoming gift of $100 on either your first deposit or first wager! Then you can increase this amount by betting on multiple games and observing the various power shifts throughout the game. It can go as high as $100,000 for one game on some live betting sites! So be careful to choose the best sports betting site that you can for your own needs.

Freedom of Choice

No matter what choice you made at the beginning of a game, you can change it at any point in the game’s duration. This is one of the biggest perks in the world of live gambling. You will always have the freedom to change the team to bet on or cash out your existing bets. It is very liberating since we all know how tricky a game can get. There may be a new talented player on the weak team’s side to change the ultimate outcome, or a stroke of luck can make even the longtime champions a loser. Unlike these players, you get to switch sides throughout the game and cash in on the winning side.

Sharpened Skills

You get to take your observational and logical skills up a notch by practicing them day in day out through the live betting games. These games demand you to stay aware of all the minute changes happening in the ongoing match. You cannot afford to shift your focus somewhere else because that can cost you good money! So sharpened skills become an unexpected result and an unprecedented advantage of live betting games in the long run.


Live betting is not limited to just one game or one kind of game. It could be anything! The most popular events in the live betting world include horse race, soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket etc. So if you have an interest in a particular game or multiple games, you can use live betting to your advantage. The more knowledge you gain about a game, the easier it gets for you to figure out the ending result.

What Should You Be Aware Of While Live Betting?

While live betting is an exciting game full of new twists at every turn, there are some things you should always keep in check. Two of the most common errors the bettors make are discussed here:

Emotional Overdrive

It is good to have emotions. That is what makes you human! But while engaging in a high-risk game like live betting, you must keep those emotions aside. You may be extremely passionate about a certain team or very patriotic about your own nation’s team in the field. However, letting those emotions meddle with your gambling decision-making skills during the game can result in massive disappointments.

Here at we have said before that you can bet using instinct or intuition. Some of you may get a little confused about how are they different from emotions. The fact that sets them aside from emotions is instinct or intuition results from what our subconscious mind notices about situations. They are not completely baseless or illogical. They are just results of observations we have failed to process.

So keep the awareness alive, but don’t let the emotions take you over. Because emotions come right from the heart, not anywhere near the mind.

Linear Strategy and Adamant Decisions

You need to think out of the box sometimes with live betting. Even if you sat down for a game with the intention of following a certain trend or team, you need to erase that motive and make moves based on the game’s developments. Besides, if you have a strategy in place, you may have to modify it constantly according to those developments. Thinking in a linear way or staying adamant in your initial decisions will not help your case.

Tips to win on Live Betting

Of course, winning any betting game requires the goddess of luck to be on your side. However, there are certain steps you can take to enhance your chances of landing the bet. Here are a number of those tips to push your luck forward:

In-depth Sport Knowledge

Whatever sport you want to bet on, you need to first gain ample knowledge on it. You need to get familiar with all the official rules and the unofficial conventions created later. Also, every sports team has players with certain unique moves or style which can work as a catalyst in your prediction. So you also need to be in touch with the track record of the players involved in each of the participating teams. These already seem like a lot of homework, right? That is why we suggest keeping your live betting interests limited to fewer sports. Even if it is just one sport, stick to that and know every detail about it.

Multiple Bookmakers

Following only one bookmaker might be too risky for live betting. So keep an eye on multiple bookmakers to be aware of any probability shift taking place during the game. Besides, each of them can get you better deals with the corresponding betting companies. So you can guarantee a save on your money while also gaining more insight into the game.

Sports Interaction Bonus

Sports Interaction Bonus offer up to 125 Dollar

Small Selections

Those of you who are new to this business may think more selections can lead to a better chance of winning the bet. The truth, however, is exactly the opposite. The chances of you winning the bet will increase as the number of selections included in the bet decreases. Choosing just one team or selection should be enough for you to make the big bucks. But if you still want to select a few more, never go above four. That will definitely result in loss one way or the other.

Perfect Timing

No one can say for sure when will be the best time to make that bet. However, if you go by the traditional timing, the day of the match itself seems to be the most profitable. The sports bookmakers also tend to put out special offers on the match day. So not only does your winning probability goes higher, the winning amount goes higher as well! Some of those offers go on for the whole day while some change it up on certain game-changing moments or periods. You can also have your money back on some free bets.

Lower Popularity

If you want to make money without too much of a risk in a much less competitive market, focus on the games with lower popularity. The bookmakers never limit the live betting choices to a few games only since that is definitely bad for their business. They love to expand their market to other sports. The upper hand you can have here is that most of your competitors will not give a shot to their less popular betting games. So basically, you can score a goal easily in an empty field!

Stay in Limits

As we discussed before, the adrenaline rush or the strong emotions can cloud your judgment very quickly. Keeping yourself contained from these temptations can be quite the challenge. But stay within your limits no matter what. The fact that you need to make fast decisions about the bets throughout the game, makes it even easier for you to get carried away and make the wrong moves. Refrain yourself from falling for that trap and follow the limits you have built for yourself.