Our Rating: 90/100
  • Experienced Sportsbook Operator
    Launched in 1996
  • Specialist In American Sports
    Among the best betting lines available
  • High Betting Limits
    Up to $10,000 per bet

Pinnacle Sportsbook Review 2021

If we are talking about one of the top betting sites residing outside of the US, we need to mention the Pinnacle sportsbook. They have some of the best betting lines, and since their inception back in 1996, they have maintained a consistently good reputation. In general, they offer a pretty top-class reputation till date.

Pinnacle Sports is a major operation, and some experts will estimate that they have over a billion dollars per year in revenue. The company still operated in a low-key manner. They hardly ever put up any ads anywhere. They have only stayed far from extravagant promotions. Their main focus seems to be the betting lines and making that better for the competitors’ around the world and from the country.

Regulation Netherland Antilles
Betting Markets
Statistic n.a.
Mobile Betting
Service email, Hotline
up to 96%
Payment Methodes
Specific features High Limits
Currently No Welcome Offer

Pinnacle Sportsbook is one of the original sportsbooks online that became a pioneer back in 1998. They have quickly become one of the most popular and largest online sportsbooks for the serious betting customers. Pinnacle was part of the United States market back in the day, but they took their leave in January 2007. There was the internet gambling enforcement law, which passed on September of the same year. During that time Pinnacle took an estimated 60% of their business from the players residing in the United States.

They also had to leave the high profile markets, as the Curacao Gaming Licenses are not accepted by the European and British regulators. Pinnacle is one of the few larger online sportsbooks that isn’t publicly traded and is a privately owned company. Pinnacle has excellent customer support service, with some of the fastest payouts in the industry. They also have the most available deposit methods. Pinnacle has a wholesale approach to online sports betting as they don’t offer a lot of frills and bonuses. Instead, they focused on being the top provider of the best odds and highest betting limits in the industry.

Licenses and Other Areas

Pinnacle sports has licenses in Netherland Antilles and is located in the island of Curacao. The site doesn’t allow customers from the UK, US, and Spain. This is a perfectly legal online sportsbook for the players residing in Canada. The online betting options for Canada is legal, and Pinnacle is one of the most regulated, reputed and largest online sportsbooks in the world.

Our Experiences with Pinnacle in Brief

  • Highest betting limits available online
  • No limits even for the sharp bettors
  • E-sports was introduced rather early through them
  • Not available in the US market
  • No welcome offer
  • Compared to some other online sportsbooks, the proposition markets are fewer in number

Benefits of Pinnacle

Pinnacle has a lot of things which we like. The perks of betting on Pinnacle are far and great, even when compared to some of the top online sportsbooks. The pros include the following:

  • Highest betting limits available online.
  • No limits even for the sharp bettors.
  • E-sports was introduced rather early through them.

Pinnacle has a reputation that they have grown over the year. The bookmaker is a world leader when it comes to sports betting. The other things they are pioneers at are when it comes to their payout record. Sports bettors know that Pinnacle is the market mover in terms of making profitable bettors. If the lines change in Pinnacle, the rest of the industry follow them. Sharp sports bettors tend to attack the bookmakers that don’t follow Pinnacle’s lines, to make more profits from there. The sportsbook doesn’t have any particular history of banning or limiting players since the sharp bettors at the site help them to their jobs. Some of the sharpest bettors and betting syndicates make their wagers at Pinnacle, so this helps them shape up their lines. They also take a massive amount out of the betting activities, which lets them get the profit.

This is possible even when taking bets from some of the sharpest bettors that the sports betting world has seen. Players who are not allowed to play on the site, such as those residing in the US for example, can still make use of the Pinnacle site. The odds, the juices are better than those shown in the recreational sportsbooks. And if you are allowed to make your bets at Pinnacle, the reduced juice odds will be fantastic if you are an experienced player. The combination of reduced juice and large betting limits is hard to find on anywhere else online. Another thing we like about Pinnacle is that they are fairly creative in their operation. The odds of the sports are unique, so much so that the other sportsbooks have not even offered them. They come up with betting articles on their site, which is not very common. And unlike most other online sportsbooks with their own blog or betting content, the articles posted by Pinnacle are worth a read.


Pinnacle Odds

Example of Ice Hockey Odds at Pinnacle


Drawbacks of Pinnacle

Despite having many positive sides, we have to talk about some minor drawbacks that Pinnacle has. The cons include the following:

  • Not available in the US market.
  • No welcome bonus offer.
  • Compared to some other online sportsbooks, the proposition markets are fewer in number.

Their place at the top of the betting markets makes Pinnacle an excellent choice for those who understand line shopping properly. However, it is important that you realize that the odds, even with the addition of the benefits of reduced juices are extremely sharp regardless.

Pinnacle is the most efficient bookmaker in the world. With massive betting limits and almost endless action, Pinnacle can’t really afford to make any mistakes with their lines. Pinnacle is still extremely sharp and therefore not easy to beat. The people here don’t make many mistakes and they will not shade the lines towards the public betting actions like many recreational sportsbooks do. The negative point for Pinnacle is that they don’t have any bonus offers. It is true that better odds are better than just some bonus offers, but players who enjoy bonus offers should stay away from Pinnacle.

Another area Pinnacle should be working on is getting a variation in markets. They have the usual markets available for almost every sport, such as teasers, parlays etc. but in terms of exotics and props, Pinnacle can seem a little weak in some sports. For example, Pinnacle no longer offers player propositions option for the NFL. If you are someone who enjoys the volume of betting markets with many varieties, then Pinnacle will not make you happy.

Betting Markets at Pinnacle

Even though the players from the US are prohibited on the Pinnacle site, the site offers some of the best betting lines for the American sports. You can compare the betting lines with any others bookmaker’s on American sports and you will realize the difference. The better line will be at Pinnacle at least 7 times out of 10. The other form of betting available at Pinnacle is the soccer games. Pinnacle offers some of the best and highest betting limits in the industry. This is why even professional bettors are welcome to place their bets with Pinnacle Sports.

Another positive side of Pinnacle is the option for eSports gambling. This has turned into quite a big deal at Pinnacle. Now it belongs in the top 10 of the biggest betting markets. Back in December 2014, Pinnacle reached the one millionth eSports bet. The section was launched back in 2010. By now they are close to the 2 million marks in terms of eSports bets.


Pinnacle eSports

Separate eSports Betting section at Pinnacle


Until January 2015, Pinnacle used to post their reports on the game payouts in their site. They have stopped uploading them since then due to some unknown reasons. The reports included the actual payout percentage for each bet. This was a proof of their trustworthiness, as some games have paid out more than 100% from these reports. The auditor for Pinnacle is the GLI Test Labs Canada ULC. Pinnacle sports doesn’t offer any bonus promotional offers, unlike almost all other online sportsbooks. For each wager you place, you get a 0.3% cashback though.

Pinnacle Welcome Bonus and Promotion

What made Pinnacle one of the leading sportsbooks online is the fact that they have some of the lowest margin odds. Most online sportsbooks offer totals or spread betting of -111, which for Pinnacle is usually -105. That is 5% more on every single winning bet. If you are a player with the habit of placing large wagers or even someone who likes to place a number of small bets, then that will definitely add up to a lot of extra money in the long term. This is a lot more than what you would get out of a typical welcome or sign up bonus offer.


Pinnacle Odds

This is why players choose Pinnacle which offers better odds, instead of the bonuses and promotional offers of the other betting sites online. Pinnacle does occasionally offer bonus and promotional offers to their clients, but this is done on a one by one basis. In cases like this, usually, no bonus code is required. Pinnacle is an expert when it comes to offering some of the best value lines in the sports betting. Many rival sites will offer the standard -110 lines on many sports events, but Pinnacle has much more value with -104 or -105 lines available for use.

This is why they are one of the market leaders in the industry in terms of providing value. This means that Pinnacle doesn’t really need to offer any extravagant offers that most other sites tend to do these days. The value is given in the long run, and this will indeed bring more value to you. By then those offers by those other sites would have run out a long time ago, and you would be left with worse bet lines.

Website Review

Pinnacle sportsbook is a very nice looking site as it follows the sports theme quite closely. Upon entering the site, you will be greeted with a dark theme with players on both sides of the site. In the middle, you have the betting odds displayed for whichever games are being played at the moment. Things like online articles on baseball and other stuff are also featured. The site is a well-optimized one, and it downloads pretty quickly. Overall, the Pinnacle sportsbook is a nice site for bettors.

Pinnacle Mobile and Apps

Like most other online sportsbooks these days, Pinnacle also offers the option of taking your betting action anywhere you go with you. The site is also available via your mobile browser if you don’t want to download the app itself. The site is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The payment and withdrawal options are readily available on the mobile platform as well. You can also place your bets on the live betting category with just one click. The site features the live betting as a permanent menu item.

Pinnacle Mobile App

Mobile App is compatible with any smartphone


Live Betting

Pinnacle Sportsbook has live betting options available for those who want to enjoy the games and take part in the sports betting as they happen on screen. This is a great way to enhance the enjoyment of the games, as the added climaxes of the games can really change up things. In-live betting options can create a lot of excitement among bettors because of the unpredictability of the games.

Pinnacle Live Center

Live Center at Pinnacle (here Tennis)


Betting Odds

Pinnacle has full-service betting experiences which you can use via your computer, tablet or smartphone. They have an app which you can download to place your bets or set alerts, and a lot more. You can also wager via their mobile web page. You can wager on every sport and e-sports from around the world. There are not as many prop bet offerings available at Pinnacle though, as we already mentioned above.