Best Canadian Sports Betting Apps 2020

Sports betting is one of the most popular types of online gambling these days. People love to take part in sports betting because they can be quite exhilarating and fun, while still being plenty profitable. In Canada, there are certain laws regulating sports betting, but that doesn’t stop the sports betting enthusiasts to still try out their lucks by using offshore sites.

With the advancement of technology, more and more means are coming out to make everything instant and on-the-go. This is the reason for betting apps’ growing popularity. Looking for the best Canadian sports betting apps? We’ve got you covered with an in-depth guide to the top sports betting apps for Canadians.
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The Best Sport Betting Apps in Canada

Operator Image
  • Watch Live Games on Mobile
  • In-Play Scoreboard available
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
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  • Personal Bet Configurator
  • Individual Live-Notifications
  • Cashout Control
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  • Sport Live streaming
  • Sports at your fingertips
  • Cashout available
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus Bet now
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  • Award-winning App Experience
  • Seamless sports betting app
  • Sport Notifications available
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  • Huge Array Of Football Markets
  • Rewarding Loyalty Program
  • No Deposit & Withdrawal Fees
100% up to $20 Welcome Bonus Bet now
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  • Top Odds on Mobile
  • Live Betting on the go
  • Bet & Watch on the app
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  • Global Market Coverage
  • Multi-lingual Userface
  • Live Betting
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  • Seasonal Betting
  • Huge variety of Markets
  • Live Betting available
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  • Live Event Updates
  • The App uses less data
  • Ultimate Mobile experience
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Other Popular Betting Apps in Canada

BookmakerPlatformHighlightsMax. Bonus
ios and andriod appWilliam Hill App

  • Wide range of sports
  • Cash out
  • Amazing graphic
ios and andriod appIntertops App

  • Live Betting
  • Global Market
  • Popular Games
ios and andriod appPinnacle App

  • Great odds
  • User-friendly
  • High Roller welcome

The Best Sports Apps for Canadian Players

What Are Sports Betting Apps?

Sports betting apps are smartphone apps made by gambling companies to make online gambling ever more convenient for its users. We have reviewed the best apps for people from Canada to bet on sports. The industry changed a lot upon the arrival of smartphones, which these days can substitute the most works of computers. They come in different types, as there are designated sportsbooks for a specific sports event, such as football, tennis or golf. Some apps are directly related to the online sportsbook, and they offer almost all the facilities of the desktop version.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Thanks to the best sports betting apps, live or in-play online sports betting has become easier and quicker than ever for Canadians. Even if the live odds change during a sports event, you can quickly fix your betting by using your smartphone or tablet. Betting these days only take a couple of minutes, during which you need to open the betting app, log in, and place the bet.

How to Use a Betting App

Apps User

Apps user

Like any other app, there are dos and don’ts when it comes to using your sport betting apps. Here are the things to look for and things not to do when using a betting app. These tips should be helpful in avoiding the unpleasant sides of gambling.

Use Reputable Apps

Use trusted apps made by trusted organizations when placing bets via your mobile. There is no lack of shady betting apps. This case is even more severe for android users as third-party users can easily put their apps on the play store. Make sure to read reviews and check if the app comes with a license. Trusted list of the license includes the UK Gambling Commission, for example. This much info should be enough to decide whether a particular sport betting app is trustworthy or not. Don’t put your trust in operators that do not have licenses from reputable countries, as you will be most probably end up being scammed.

Only Bet What You Can Afford

Sport betting can be extremely addictive. Trustworthy and reputable betting apps and gambling companies do their best to raise awareness regarding gambling addiction and the many associated dangers with it. But sometimes it is hard to resist the temptation. Try not to sway just because it is right under your fingertips. Online gambling comes with its bit of hits and misses, so don’t put everything you own on the line just because there is a chance of winning money. With sport betting, it’s always a 50-50 battle.

Try the Virtual Sports Betting

Many sports event, such as football, has their virtual counterparts as well. Many bettors only place their bets on the real events. Virtual sports betting is a whole another world of opportunities where you can place bets on games generated by the computers. The app will provide the players, teams, odds, and stats. There is an unbiased computer algorithm in play here which will make the ultimate outcome. The best part of the virtual sport betting experience is that you get to watch the games being played. These games are an exciting and fun ride. The fun becomes tenfold when your league is on break.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Almost all sport betting apps that you can find online will offer you some kind of welcome bonus and promotional offers if you are from Canada. This goes for both new and existing players. You don’t necessarily need to hunt down these offers and only look for them without actually placing your bets based on your preferences though. But it does help to have a better gambling experience indeed. This also gives you a chance of taking advantage of free stuff, and you can more bets without essentially spending more money.

How to Download and Install Betting Apps

Almost every popular operating system has their own sets of sport betting apps available these days. In terms of Android and iOS, Android users are at an advantage here since there is a significant number of betting apps available for them. But iOS betting apps are not exactly small in number either. Downloading and installing these sport betting apps is easier than ever, but here are some tips to help you through it regardless.

ios android

Set of top brand operating system


The sport betting apps for iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices are available only on the Apple Store. This is an easy way to track down the scammers. Any other website offering you to download the installation file for an iOS-based betting app is a clear scammer. Never download such betting apps. Only use the search option from the Apple Store to track the specific sport betting app. Or you can use the direct link given on an official website to download the app.


Alternatively, sport betting apps for the Android users are available on both the Play Store and from third-party sources. If you decide to go for an app that is not in the Play Store, you need to be careful. Apps from the third-party sources don’t come with the seal of approval from Google. Hence there is a chance that these apps have harmful software. In extreme cases, these can be used to downright scam you as well. But if the third-party source is looking legit, and you want to try it now, you need to go a certain way here. To download from such a source, you will have to change your phone settings. Go to the settings, and then from there, security. Check the box here to allow the installation of apps from other sources except for Google Play Store.

Other Platforms

There are many types of sport betting applications also available on other platforms other than IOS and Android. If you are using a Windows or Blackberry, you can still find designated sport betting apps. But with time, most bookmakers are not supporting these operating systems anymore. Therefore it will be a smart move to move to either iOS or Android as the options are getting limited to other platforms.

Betting Apps Based on Specific Sports

Most sport betting apps will cover the major sport events. But there are many layers within these sports events so it is better to do your research before you download them. Based on the specific sports events, this is what the most popular betting apps look like:

Football Betting Apps

In North America, American football is the top most searched and sought after event. But with the emergence of global marketing in the last decade or so, the NFL brand has made a name for itself all over the world. There are many apps available now which are specific to football events only. The best football betting apps will give you updates on the best odds at the right time. Factors like weather, injuries, crowd etc. can change the odds of a football game in seconds, so bettors need to keep their eye out on the odds at all times. So you need an app that updates the lines really fast. Another important thing to consider here is whether the betting app offers all the betting options or not. And a football betting app is not complete until it has a live betting option, so look for it as well. A football game is instantly more fun and enjoyable when you get to bet live.

Soccer Betting Apps

The other kind of football that the world loves is Soccer. This is the mecca of sports bettors, as with the number of leagues, league championships, national side games and what not – the options seem to be literally endless. You will hardly find a sports bettor who doesn’t take pleasure in placing their bets on soccer games!

888sport App

888sports app

Almost every country has its own leagues, and in most cases, there are also multiple divisions within them. The trick here is to find a sport betting app that lets you place bets on smaller leagues as well, other than the professional soccer matches. And of course, the types of bets available on the app is another huge decider. The odds offered on the favorites are most of the times not even worth it as many games are mismatched. The best soccer app will give you the chance of making bets on multiple scores, and there will be chances to make side bets as well. And in-game odds or live betting options make everything better.

Cricket Betting Apps

The thing with cricket is that it’s played only in a handful of countries, but they do cover the majority of the population all over the globe. For a sport bettor, there are plenty of options available to make the game a lot more interesting than just a casual viewer. The major cricket events happen all over the world, and there are many options which can help one win major bets by placing bets on a cricket betting app. Cricket is an international sport, which is why there are people who speak different languages who would want the information in their own languages from a betting app. The best cricket betting apps offer that option to most of its users. Live streaming is a very important step for all cricket betting app, as the odds can change during the play.

Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis is surely a sport with global popularity. There are four Grand Slam tournaments that have the most attention, which is why they pull the most amount of betting. But there are multiple levels of tours as well where you can make your bets. The best tennis betting apps will give you odds on other than just the WTA and ATP. They will also offer you live and in-match betting options to keep things interesting. Tennis is a sort of sport that gives the chance to bet on many levels other than just the final outcome. There are prop bets there as well, things like double-faults and number of aces, the speed of the fastest serve, length of the match and many others. Not many apps offer bets on such minute details though. For bonus offers, you should search for app during the lead-up to the Grand Slams, as the sportsbooks like taking advantage of the casual bettors during these times, and you are more likely to get some lucrative welcome bonus.

Golf Betting Apps

Golf is a lot different from any other sports. A player has to make their way around a course and make sure their scores are betting that hundreds of other players. Golfers take multiple tours around the world, and there are many options for you as a bettor because of that. The tournaments last 4 days, so you can take your turn in trying to place a bet with the best possible odds.  Tournaments include PGA and LPGA, and since only a limited number of golfers take part in these, it is sometimes unlikely that you will find your favorite golfer here. Betting on golfers is different from most other sports events. Tournaments have over 100 players competing against each other. The field in almost all tournaments gets narrowed by almost 50% after the first 2 rounds. This results in another set of betting conditions. A good tennis betting app will help with all these issues to make it easier for the bettor.


Betting apps for Canadians come in from almost all online sportsbooks these days, as there is more and more need to take everything on the go. With the usage of instant and live betting options, the importance of sport betting apps is now more severe than ever. This is why you will hardly find an online sportsbook site that doesn’t come with its own app. Our list above is our view of whichis the best sports betting app, but the reality is that most are very good, work well and provide players like you with an online sports betting experience that is fun and easy.


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