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canadaMarc KennedyOnline sports betting has been taking up momentum for a while now, and with its immense popularity online, many new sites have been popping up. Despite being a rather fun and exciting activity, we do realize that it can seem like a daunting endeavor, especially if it’s your first time. It involves real money, and it’s completely fine to be hesitant in running headfirst into it with your hard earned money.

So here at sportsbetting24.ca, we will take you through all the ropes and tangles of sports betting. We are professionals, so we know how the market is like in sports betting Canada, what are the best sports betting sites Canada, how can one win and have fun with betting and everything in between. For the latest reviews, bonus offers, best odds and a clear idea of the overall ranking and the evaluations, sportsbetting24.ca is the place to be.
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With so many online sites out and about with the online gambling scene in Canada, it can be very overwhelming to dig through all the information there is. At sportsbetting24.ca, we have compiled the very best information one can find on everything related to sports betting. Be it the good odds, a wide range of offers, strong security, a high level of integrity and professionalism, we have all that it takes to put your faith in.

Find out more from the following to learn about the criteria we use to find out the comparisons and more. Also, there are some important factors to learn while you take part in sports betting Canada, so read on to find out.

Advantages of sportsbetting24.ca

As much as we would love to fly everywhere on the earth to place our bets to join in the fun, it is not exactly plausible. Life happens, there are responsibilities to be fulfilled, and not to mention that there is a lot of expense involved with flying. But thanks to sportsbetting24.ca, you can easily get the feel and thrill of being in an actual sportsbook setting, all at the convenience of your home.

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Still on the fence about joining us for the ultimate fun-filled ride in the world of online sports betting Canada? Read on to find out the advantages of being a part of one of the most advanced online gambling Canada sites ever.


adviceFirst and foremost, of course, it is super convenient to place your sports betting online. When you come over with us at sportsbetting24.ca, you will definitely feel the advantages of having online sports betting Canada by your side. You can learn about all the online sites where you can place your bets on conveniently from our site.

When talking about convenience, we need to mention time. Online sports betting is a time-consuming hobby, and in this busy lifestyle and era, and five minutes saved is the time you can spend on something else. You could argue that you could easily go to a physical sportsbook place, but the time going to that place and then coming back home is also time-consuming. Not to mention that getting a local sportsbook in your area is not exactly a common feat either.

Another reason online sports betting Canada sites like ours is convenient is the fact that you get to save money. You are saving up on gas money or bus or train fare or whatever mode of transportation you were plan on using to get to the physical space to get information on placing bets and about current sports events. Instead of wasting fuel or fare, you can use that very money to place more bets online within minutes.


The next advantage is the variety of options you get for betting online. While most brick-and-mortar sportsbooks will have information on the most popular sports like football and soccer, it is very unlikely for them to have the details on sports like Futsal and Gaelic sports. On online gambling Canada sites like sportsbetting24.ca, you can find information on a variety of sports events happening all over the world. Another great form of sport betting is live betting, which is also possible with online sportsbook betting.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Doing your betting online sure comes with its perks, and perhaps one of the most profitable ones is that you can score some pretty sweet promotional offers and bonuses when you place them online. The local sportsbooks can give some special betting offers from time to time, but nothing can beat the offers you get from the online gambling Canada sites.

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You can literally earn thousands of dollars online from the bonuses. The welcome bonuses and other promotions are sure to make your journey a lot smoother compared to a brick-and-mortar place. The significant amounts of bonus can go a long way in making you more profitable.

Online sites generally run special promotions when there is a special event going on. For example, for world championships, online sportsbooks will generally have juicy deals and promotional offers centered on it. At sportsbetting24.ca you will get all the necessary information on special bonus and promotional offers.

Why sportsbetting24.ca?

All the advantages mentioned above are the reason for choosing sportsbetting24.ca. We have up to date information on all the recent ongoing on the sports events from around the world. When it comes to finding the best sports betting sites in Canada, we have the best resources available.

Trusted PartnerThe sportsbetting24.ca site is the place to be when it comes to getting all the interesting bits and pieces of online sports betting. There are many online sports betting Canada sites, and sportsbetting24.ca helps in refining your searches so that you get to know about the best deals without spending hours on digging through them.

Sports Betting in Canada

Canada FlagThe online sports betting market in Canada is ginormous. According to estimates, Canadians wage about $10 billion each year on sports betting, and most of this money is flowing to the offshore online sportsbooks because of Canada’s strict law regarding sports betting. The Canadian Gaming Association has the estimation that about $500 million is wagered annually via legal provincial sport betting games.

Canada has the law to restrict the single-event sports betting, which decreases the chances of winning. Basically one needs to place bets on at least 3 games, or 2 games for point spreads. Also, you have to win all the bets in order to get the money. This has stopped sportsbooks operators to establish their operations from the grounds of Canada. But this has not discouraged the Canadians to take part in sport betting through offshore online sportsbooks and casino sites. The business coming from Canadians across the online sportsbooks and casinos is thus enormous. Because of this, there are hardly any online sites and sportsbooks these days that won’t let you place bets if you are residing in Canada.

The Legal Situation in Canada

Canada has 10 provinces, and the government has come up with its own set of rules and regulations for online sports betting. But there are some similarities among each province’s legislation. For the most part, most of the sports betting is regulated under fixed brand names like Stadium Bets and Pro-Line. The regulation is done by the ALC. The biggest similarity is that there is no single-team option for any sports betting, which in turn has made the residents of Canada to place their bets on offshore sportsbooks.

Canada provinces

Canada provinces

So when you place a bet through an offshore sportsbook, the government is not exactly worried about your actions. As such is the case, punters in Canada are basically taking advantage of a grey area as there is a lack of jurisdictional power. There are no known incidents for the government taking action against a citizen for taking part in offshore sports betting so far.

Since the government has created its own set of brands to manage sports betting operations, there are fewer choices with less favorable odds. Compared to the offshore sites, there are fewer options for profitable bonuses and promotional offers as well.

On average, the payout for a winning wager is almost 50% less than what you would get from an offshore sportsbook with a similar bet. Other limiting options include things like limits on maximum wager sizes. For example, the Pro-Line sportsbook limits their maximum wager at $100.

How to Choose the Best Online Sports Betting Canada Sites | Canadian gambling sites 2019

As mentioned above, there are many rules and regulations that come with sports betting on Canadian sportsbooks and casino sites. However, despite the restrictions, there are places in Canada governed by the government itself where you can place your bets. This is definitely legal, and if you would rather play it safe rather than having more profit or options, then Canadian sites are your best option as a Canadian resident. To choose the best online sports betting Canadian sites, read on to find out the factors to consider.


Canadian gambling laws are different from other markets, hence the Canadian sites are different from the rest as well. Since Canada puts a restriction on making single event bets, all Canadian sites offer you bets on at least 3 games at once. The downside is you only get the payout when you win all three games, which is definitely easier said than done. This significantly decreases one’s chance of winning in the Canadian sites, which is why the Canadian residents flock to the offshore online sportsbooks and gambling sites to get their betting desires fixed.

Offers (Promotions)

Of course, a good online sportsbook should have the best offers and promotional tools available for use. The best online sites and sportsbooks list down the most lucrative ongoing offers and promotions so that players can get the most out of their buck. Almost all sites offer welcome bonuses, but they do vary in terms of terms and regulations, as well as cash prizes.

It is best to start off with one that can give you some decent amount of wins without too strict terms and conditions. The best sportsbooks and online gambling sites will always have the best tips and tricks available to get you the best possible deal, and that’s how you know if a Canadian betting site is good or not.


This is one of the vital factors while choosing a site for sports betting. There are many sites for online gambling in Canada, but it is crucial that you do your research beforehand to learn about the odds. Bettors want to find the best possible value for their selections.

Opening an account with a bookmaker who works with small margins is necessary. The bookmaker must also be willing to lay a decent bet for the odds that are advertised. There are instances where the bookmakers offer fantastic odds, but customers don’t get the advertised rates from them while placing a bet. The online sports betting Canada sites you choose must have good odds. You can test this out by placing a small bet first with your chosen bookmaker.

Design / Usability

The design of the best sports betting sites Canada is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The best sites in online gambling Canada has sites that have everything listed down perfectly so that players don’t need to rummage through the site to find the information they are looking for. It should be easy enough to navigate through even it a complete newbie is trying out their hands on it for the first time.

A good indicator of sports betting Canada site’s usability is its response time during different times of the day. Try and open the online gambling Canada site at different times of the day to check this. Also, it is better if you do this on the peak hours of placing bets. This should help you to notice how quickly the site loads, and how easy it is to navigate through the site without lagging or loading.


We are now living in an era where staying connected is essential. We need to be connected even when in the move. There are tablets and smartphones in everyone’s pockets now, so staying online is not an issue anymore. When you choose a sports betting site, make sure that it is also mobile friendly. Not all sites, unfortunately, transform best from the pc to small screens, so do check this thing. Another important thing to consider here is that there are no additional clauses attached to place bets from your phone or tablet or other devices.

Series / Legal / Trust

It is important to use a gambling site which is trustworthy and reputable. There are very few Canadian sites which you need to avoid at all costs. Ideally, you would want to stick to well-established sites with proven track records. This should include fair customer service, amongst other things.

The best sports betting sites Canada should have the reputation factor at a top-notch condition. To find out the site’s condition, you can quickly google and see if any negative reviews pop up. This is not the most full proof way to check a site’s credibility, but at least this will give you a clear idea of which ones are shady.

There are plenty of review sites available these days which are experts in coming up with reviews of all the details of a particular online gambling site. Make sure to read as many reviews as possible before you come to a conclusion about them. This is necessary because there are many review sites out there who will rate a gambling site as good in exchange of money. To make sure you don’t fall into the false reviews of scammers, do your research and read everything thoroughly.


For banking, the best online gambling Canada sites should have popular options available for easy deposit and payouts. The best sites will generally have your local bank options, as well as the popular online money transfer methods available such as Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, and others. The banking options can tell you a lot about a particular sports betting site reputed money transferring companies generally don’t associate themselves with other businesses unless they are safe and secure for making transactions.

How we test?

We test out the sites by checking the reputation factors. Many things go with the reputation factors as there the top-rated sites only associate themselves with the best banking methods, promotional offers etc. The sports betting Canada sites are government-run, which automatically proves their credibility.

Favorite Betting markets in Canada

The favorite betting markets in Canada include the following which is the four major leagues.


NHL has a strong fan base in the north of the United States and in Canada. Almost all the online sportsbooks will offer an option of placing bets on the NHL but do your research before proceeding. Once you make an account and put a deposit, you can start looking for ways to bet. Look at +EV wagers first.

The best way to learn is to watch the mistakes in the betting lines carefully. Weak lines are generally all over the place as NHL is not watched as heavily as the other sports. Pay attention to teams before you do your sports betting to up your odds.

Also, look at other online sportsbooks. If you want to like a line at an online sportsbook, you will need to find one that is better than the other. If you already have a team and you want this team in a matchup, but the line is not looking that great at one particular site, you can shop for a better-valued line at another sportsbook. Place the bet once you have done all that and hope for the best as you cheer for your team.


When it comes to sports betting, NFL games are some of the major names. The NFL league is football games, where you can place bets based on different steps. They are pretty much the same as mentioned earlier. The online sports betting Canada sites can help you make your bets securely. If you want to place your bets, as always, do your research and see how the teams have been doing prior to the championship.


The betting options for NBA include Spread, Moneyline, Parlay/Teaser, 1st Quarter/1st Half, Halftime and Futures. Bookmakers of NFL games use a spread or line as teams are only given 24 seconds to score. For moneyline, there are different odds based on who will win. The odds here can be drastic when the top teams face-off with the lower ones. Bookmakers also place total wagers on the combined score of the trams. The NBA is, in fact, the highest scoring sport of all the major US league sports. It is therefore uncommon to see the totals in the +220s.


Sports Betting Promotions & Bonus

There are many sports betting promotional offers and bonuses available on online sportsbooks and casino sites. These offers are beneficial for winning more money, as it gives you more chances of placing bets without spending extra money.

Betting Offers

The sports betting Canada sites offer many betting offers. Also, there are offshore online sportsbooks and online casinos which offer many exciting betting offers. Some of the most exciting offers are the welcome bonuses, which can help a newbie to start off their journey with ease.


The deposits you make on online sportsbooks are via the most used online payment methods in most cases. If you want to start playing with real money right away, opt for an online sportsbook that has a transaction method you already use. While depositing money, do your research and read the terms and conditions so that you know if there are any additional fees attached for depositing.

Free Bets

The online sportsbooks and casinos also offer free bets sometimes. They are generally part of the welcome bonus offer or some special promotional offer. Make sure you take advantage of these free bets to maximize your chances of winning.

Sports Betting Tips

1. Kill Your Darlings

For sports betting, you need to be rational, rather than emotional. Most players will do the opposite and place their wagers on their favorite teams. But the truth is that sometimes your darlings might not be at the top of their games. It is easy for punters to get confused while placing their betting, as taking the right decision on the strongest team which is most likely to win is definitely important.

But, if you only in online gambling Canada sites because you want to have fun then it is okay to place your bets on your favorites and cheer them on. But if you are trying to win and make some money, then try not to let your bias deter your judgment. A good way to do so is avoiding the sports events where your favorites are taking part.

2. Learn the Lingo

If you are in the sports betting game for long, you will eventually get the sport lingo. But if you are only starting, then you should try to learn the lingo. Some lingos include Buck, which is essentially a $100 bet, or Chalk, a team which is most likely to win, or Fin, which is a $50 bet.

3. Research on the Teams

There is no need to spend hours on them, but at least spend some time looking over their previous scores. It is worth investing some time even if it means only studying over the basic statistics or reading some news articles. Watching the previous games is another fun way to get your research done.

4. Don’t Become Overconfident

Sometimes you can get a winning strike just because of pure luck or good research. But keep in mind that this will not last, so don’t bet more than your limit just based on that. It is important that you don’t get carried away thinking you are a betting genius and can only win your sport betting.

5. Don’t Lose Heart

On the other side of the spectrum is the losing strike. Sometimes that can happen as well. Make sure you are not losing heart because of it as your luck is very important to win the sports betting. Not even the best bettors in the world win all their sports bets.

6. Join a Forum

A forum can be a useful source of information on sports betting. You can definitely learn a lot by getting accustomed to the ins and outs of a betting forum. Reading discussions of the other bettors can be enlightening to help you win your sports betting.

7. Experiment

There is no right or wrong while you make your bets on sports. There are many different kinds of ways to make this effective. The best way to learn the ropes is to experiment with your bets. Try different strategies each time to see what gets the most positive results. Also, try to experiment with different types of wagers with different forms of sports betting as well.

8. Trust Your Judgment

There are experts in the media who can give you information on many betting tips and tricks. There is nothing wrong with learning from other people, but you should also take your own judgments into consideration. Your instincts should always come first when you make your bets.

9. Take Breaks

Sports betting should be a fun thing for you to enjoy, even if you want to make some money while at it. If it turns out to become more of a chore rather than a fun activity, make sure that you take some break. This will help to keep the sports betting still enjoyable. Coming back to the game will also help you make some rational decisions.

10. Keep Records of Your Bets

Beginners usually make this mistake of not keeping their records of betting. This can make you spend more than your limit, plus records can help you find ways that are actually working. If you are looking at it long-term, then it is essential that you study your records and look for strategies to win more often.

Sports Betting FAQ – General and Online Sports Betting

Are online gambling sites in Canada legal?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Canada. There are provincial governments of Canada who run and operate their own casinos and poker rooms. If your province of residence doesn’t offer online gambling options, you can always try out offshore online options. Most of the top offshore online gambling sites offer betting options to Canada and they also have Canadian dollars as the mode of transaction.

Are gambling laws different in different provinces in Canada?

Yes, because in Canada the gambling options are restricted under the provincial, rather than federal jurisdiction. This is why not all the provinces have live casinos available. The online casinos run by the government also follows the same rules. It is in fact offered only in Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. The government casinos can only be accessed if you are in that province. But you can easily access sites that are licensed under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This commission is run by an aboriginal band residing outside of Montreal. Also, international sites that welcome Canadians are not under any provincial legislatures.

Are the winnings from sport betting in Canada taxable?

Currently, the Canadian Revenue Agency doesn’t tax the online winnings from poker, casino, horse racing, lottery etc. But there is a reason of concern if your main earring comes from online gambling. If you are one, then you should consult with an accountant to clear out the rules about that.

How do I start playing for real money?

Playing for real money is easy. All you need to do is choose a site you want to spend your money on, create an account on that site, and then deposit your funds. Make sure you do your proper research before doing so because the internet is full of scammers. Some sites will make you download an additional app or software to continue, but most online sport betting sites these days will let you do so right from your web browser. To start playing immediately with real money on online sports betting Canada site, choose a site that has a deposit method that you already use.

Can I make a decent amount of money from sport betting online?

Yes, it is not unheard of where professional bettors make an entire income out of betting online. However, it is best to take online sports betting as a form of entertainment rather than a career choice. All online casinos and sportsbooks are experts at stacking the odds against you. But it is also true that some people hit the jackpots worth millions that can change one’s entire life. However, take yourself as one of the crowd, and as the rule of thumb, it is not very likely for you to win that jackpot worth millions. So try to make bets within your limits and enjoy yourself while you are at it. Aim to have fun with these sport betting games, and let the winnings be an icing on the cake.

Are the sports rigged?

Based on the type of sport you bet on, the answers will vary. For international reputed sports like football, say the world cup, no, the games are definitely not rigged. As for other sports such as wrestling, yes, there are chances that the game might be rigged. Try to be smart and only opt for betting on games you know are not fixed.

Are the online sportsbooks and gambling sites safe?

In terms of safety and quality, there are many varieties of online casino sites and sportsbooks. You can read through the expert reviews to find out if the particular site is safe or not. Take your time to research, as this can become a huge issue sometimes. The top-rated casino sites and online sportsbooks take your safety and privacy very seriously. No matter your choice of site, be it provincial or offshore, make sure you are staying within the regulated and licensed sites only.

Can I still make sports betting while traveling outside of Canada?

This will depend on the kind of site you are using. There are many individual provinces’ government-run sites which prevent the players from playing outside of its borders. But if you are using an offshore international online sportsbook site you will be able to keep placing your bets even when you are traveling outside of Canada. Check the individual gambling laws of the country while traveling as some online sportsbooks and online casino sites might freeze your account if gambling is restricted there.

Conclusion: Sports Betting in Canada

The sportsbetting24.ca site is a good place to start your research on if you are a beginner at sports betting. The best sports betting sites Canada are listed here with all their special promotional offers and welcome bonuses, so it is important that you see what are the best offers. Online sports betting is a fun game which can also help you make some decent money, so it is essential that you do your research first to get the better hold of it. This site can help you understand the ropes of the online sportsbooks tips and tricks.

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