Our Rating: 91/100
  • Launched In 1991
    Operating online since 2004
  • Wide Range Of Payment Methods
    BTC, ETH, BCH & LTC all available
  • Competitive Odds Available
    Specialist in North American sports
  • 50% First Deposit Bonus Up To $1000
    Claim your free bonus today

BetOnline Sportsbook Review 2021

You must have heard of BetOnline if you have been betting online for a while. There are some confusions around this brand as to why it has an “.ag” domain, do they have any mobile apps, what payment procedures it accepts etc. Today we answer all those questions one by one, starting from the very beginning.

Regulation Panama
Betting Markets
Mobile Betting
Service eMail, Hotline
up to 96%
Payment Methodes
Specific features Highest Welcome Bonus
50% Welcome Bonus

BetOnline is one of the oldest members of the online gambling community. It has been here for more than two decades and is still going strong even with their fair share of ups and downs along the way. This brand opened up back in 1991 physically but reached the brinks of the internet in 2004. They managed to get on to this exciting platform and envisioned the endless possibilities for gamblers with this broad global communication platform. So they got on here with the simple and straightforward title of BetOnline. They reigned over the online betting industry for quite some time and is easily counted as one of the elites.

If the domain extension is raising your eyebrows, let us tell you the backstory. It originally had the standard domain of BetOnline.com. The company ran into a few issues back in 2011 with the DOJ. The American justice department were then seizing a number of gambling domains. As a result, the brand then changed their domain to BetOnline.ag in 2012. They were quick to rise from the ashes and revamp their online presence soon after.

License and Supported Areas

BetOnline mainly operated in the regions of USA when it first began. Then it expanded their venture to Panama in 2004 and earned their license for gambling online. Even though the Panama license may raise some eyebrows about their legitimacy, the real-life gamblers know pretty well that they are completely legit. They run their sportsbook like a pro. Also, all their financial transactions and placed bets follow the Panamanian laws to keep things transparent. Currently, BetOnline is operating in many countries including Canada, Australia, France and the USA. The only places you cannot reach it are Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Ghana, Malta, Serbia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Macedonia and Montenegro. So if you don’t see your country here, you are good to go!

Our Experiences with BetOnline in Brief

  • High Payout Ratio
  • High Welcome Offer and Ongoing Promotions
  • Crypto as deposit method
  • Low Selection of Betting Markets and Live Betting Possibilities

Benefits of BetOnline

In its triumph of over two decades, BetOnline has brought in many perks for the online gamblers. Here are a few of those contributing to its success:

High Payout Ratio

BetOnline is known for generating a big payout each time you decide to place a bet on this platform. It is, in fact, the holder of the highest payout percentages among the western bookmakers. On average, BetOnline pays out almost 96.5% of all its bets. So you can benefit from the stakes frequently and face a minimal amount of losses. However, any payout request might take 24 hours to review before processing it.

Hefty Welcome Bonus

Like most other gambling biggies, BetOnline also has some Welcome Bonuses for its brand new customers. Whenever you sign up on this platform and make the very first deposit to your account, you will be rewarded with a bonus 50% added to your bankroll. Along with that, this one deposit can lead you to earn free plays worth up to $1000! This first deposit needs to be $25 at a minimum, otherwise, you will not qualify for this bonus offer. Unfortunately, Skrill and Neteller cannot be used to make this deposit.

Crypto Deposit Options

BetOnline happens to be one of the few gambling platforms who has acknowledged the presence and power of cryptocurrency. This just goes on to prove how well this brand updates itself to the latest developments in business. Along with the popular e-wallets, BetOnline also lets you make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. These payment methods also take a much shorter process time of less than 48 hours.

Live Betting

Live betting is the most popular part of any online betting platform nowadays. BetOnline also offers live betting on all the popular sports categories including soccer and basketball. It will tell you all the details about the ongoing and upcoming matches. You can choose to view the odds in either American, decimal or fractional format. Besides, you get $25 while playing this for the first time on BetOnline.

Simplistic UI

The website and mobile apps follow a very simple design for the user interface. So both newcomers and regular players can enjoy the offered games at the same level! It may not impress the bettors who love shiny designs o splash of colors, this might seem a little underwhelming. But since BetOnline targets all kinds of players into its universe, a simpler look with easy navigation system can gain them more followers.


BetOnline Main Page

BetOnline Main Page


Betting Markets at BetOnline

There are a variety of bets you can find on BetOnline. But the most prominent of them are straight bets, money line bets, parlays and totals. So you can pick the one that suits your taste and budget the most.


Among the sports variations, they evidently offer to bet on the most popular gaming events including soccer, boxing, golf, horse racing, hockey, tennis and basketball. They also include several leagues for basketball and soccer like NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA etc. You can also pick a certain playing nation from the available list in the side menu. The ongoing matches, as well as the upcoming matches, will all come up with detailed information in a chart when you make a choice from these sports.


BetOnline Sports Markets

There could be some more Sports Markets at BetOnline



This section deals with the online gaming community mostly. You can bet live on eSports games or the ones which will take place today or even later. The most popular ones in this area are Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Starcraft. BetOnline is one of the very few online betting platforms who kept in mind the hype around video games. This has helped them reach a significant and profitable niche.


BetOnline lets you have some fun with the ongoing trends in the trade market. It offers you the options Digital, Turbo, 5 ticks and Range to make your predictions. It also comes with a small time window for making the investment in these predictions. You can see the potential return as well on the right side. All open trades, closed trades and trading signals for the selected game are laid down below in the table.

BetOnline Welcome Bonus and Promotions

BetOnline brings a good number of bonus offers every now and then. Along with the Welcome Bonuses, there are also tons of other game-specific or action-specific bonus offers here. Let us go through them one by one:

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus on BetOnline comes in the form of an additional 50% on your bankroll. This is given to you when you open up an account here and make that first deposit of at least $25. Remember, deposits from Neteller or Skrill will not qualify for this bonus. While claiming the bonus, you need to use the corresponding code BOL1000 in the cashier during the deposit. As a result of this, you can get up to $1000 in bonus! Also, this is a non-transferable promotion and you cannot make any withdrawal within 30 days of claiming this bonus.


Bet Online Welcome Offer

Bet Online Welcome Offer: Up to 1000 Dollar Currently


Your Deposit$2000 + BetOnline Bonus$1000 = Betting Amount$3000

Monthly $50 Payout Discount

All players of BetOnline can enjoy a $50 discount every 30 days! During their payout, they can claim this bonus and take advantage of it. However, you do need to hold on to your patience. Each payout request will take about 24 hours for just review and then begin processing.

Lifetime Bonus Guarantee

This platform has a crazy scheme of giving out bonus guarantees to its players for the lifetime! It is basically a reload bonus program which encourages you to make better reloads for better betting scores. By using the code LIFEBONUS while making a qualifying reload, you can trigger the Lifetime Bonus Guarantee.

The deposit amount needs to be at least $50 and you will get 25% Sportsbook Bonus in return. For each qualifying reload, you can earn free plays worth up to $1000 with this bonus! Use it within 30 days since it will expire after that. Neteller and Skrill deposits will not be counted for this bonus.

Crypto Bonus

Crypto currencies are all the rage now and BetOnline is giving you a chance to make the most of it! This particular bonus is aimed at all the crypto lovers. Whenever you make your first ever cryptocurrency deposit on this platform, you will receive a 50% bonus! This applies to the cryptocurrencies accepted by BetOnline, namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and DASH. You need to deposit at least $20 for this and can earn up to $500 from this bonus. You cannot make any withdrawal within 30 days of claiming it.

Sport-Specific Contests

BetOnline arranges many contests focusing on a particular tournament or sports. For example, there is an ongoing contest right now for the NFL program. You can earn up to $25,000 in cash by playing this contest. You will need to form your own teams and start the game! Such contests ask for registration from interested players and then begin the show!

Refer-a-Friend Programs

This is a common tactic in marketing to get more and more people to become a part of your platform. But by referring a friend on BetOnline, you both can earn bonuses because of its Refer-a-Friend Programs. The bonuses it offers is not constant. The current program can get you 200% bonus worth up to $200. Besides, you get to choose what kind of bonus you would like to earn. By referring more than one player (2 to 10+ players) you can increase the amount of money earned for every player. It can range from $10 for referring each of 2 players to $100 for referring each of 10+ players.


BetOnline Registration

Registration Process at BetOnline


Website Review

The website of BetOnline has an engaging layout with a vibrant color palette. It highlights all that you need to know about this platform in red and white. The major benefits of using this site are displayed right in front, on the homepage. You can see all the variations of gambling markets available here on the top black menu. There are options of sports, live betting, esports, horses and financials in this menu. Choose the one that excites you most and begin your betting journey with BetOnline!

The short and simple form to open up an account here lies on the right of its homepage. There you can put in your first name, last name, email and date of birth to be a part of this amazing community. If you are already part of BetOnline, just enter your username or email along with the corresponding password to log into your account. BetOnline has managed to prepare a very clean, attractive and user-friendly interface for their website. You don’t need to take much time to get used to it. Finding any required information is easy. The convenient navigation system guides you well and helps you land on the correct page every time.

BetOnline Mobile and Apps

It is definitely frustrating how BetOnline still manages to ignore the significance of mobile applications in today’s day and age. It has no presence on the two biggest mobile device communities – Android and iOS. It is much easier to just open up an app on your phone rather than going to the browser app, entering the site’s address, waiting for it to load and then get started with betting.


BetOnline Mobile App


With an aim to make up for this lacking to a certain extent, BetOnline works pretty hard on their mobile site. You can put in the address BetOnline.ag or scan the QR code given on their website. The loading speed is great and might seem well for the players who are running low on the mobile memory capacity.

Live Betting

Typically, we see most sportsbooks to keep live betting as only a section in the grand website. However, there is a whole page dedicated to live betting on BetOnline. Once you land on this page, all the live sports matches come up in order. The most hyped one takes its place in the center so that you can view the current core at just one glance!


BetOnline Live Betting

Live Betting Center at BetOnline


For example, if there is a soccer game going on at the England Premier League, you can see the current result of each participating team, along with the timeframe and detailed odds. These odds cover as many variations as possible like total regulation, handicap, next goal, total number of goals, ultimate score etc. The odds are displayed here in decimals, fractions and American or money line mode. You can choose the one you are most comfortable with from the drop-down menu above. If you have made any bets on this game, it will all show up on the right under “My Bets”. It will be presented like a slip where all information regarding the betting amounts and possible rewards can be seen.

Betting Odds

As we have mentioned in the previous section, the odds on BetOnline come in three forms – decimals, fractions and American or money lines. All three of these are the most popular ways to display odds on a sportsbook. They help you make the decisions of who to bet on in every match!

BetOnline Payment Methods

BetOnline had a pretty decent cashier which then grew even better with the inclusion of cryptocurrencies. We all know how powerful these electronic currencies have become in a short amount of time. While there are many debates going on all around the world about whether or not it should be this powerful, no one can deny the popularity it has already gained. So BetOnline acknowledges its power by including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash in their payment methods. Other than these, you can also make deposits and withdrawals with Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, bank sire, money orders and person-to-person. Different limits are set for financial transactions conducted over each of these options.

Customer Support

If you run into any issue while playing, you can go through the FAQ section where the common problems are discussed and resolved. If you don’t see your issue there, you can ask for the customer support personnel to help you with it. The easiest way to get a hold of them is by interacting through the live chat. Besides, you can call them up or send an email to either of these email addresses.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Additionally, you can find BetOnline on Facebook and Twitter, where they give out alerts of new games and similar events starting shortly. This is a good way to engage with the customers and letting them know if they are missing on any fun. However, they are much more active on Twitter than Facebook since they have a much bigger following there.

Conclusion – Our BetOnline experiences in the test

BetOnline has been running for quite a while. In its long years of being a major betting platform, it has proved to be a popular place for the bettors to invest in. This platform offers many variations of the betting events including sports, video games and even financial bets! However, it did miss out on the two other hot favorites among regular gamblers – political events and TV shows. Besides, lack of live streaming and mobile apps, along with charging a fee for credit card deposits are harming its overall image heavily. We hope they take note and fix these issues promptly.

Our Rating: 91/100
  • Launched In 1991
    Operating online since 2004
  • Wide Range Of Payment Methods
    BTC, ETH, BCH & LTC all available
  • Competitive Odds Available
    Specialist in North American sports
  • 50% First Deposit Bonus Up To $1000
    Claim your free bonus today

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