Claim The Best Free Bets from Top Canadian Bookies

Gambling world is all about whose side the luck will play on today. However, there is something you can count on always – no matter what side luck chooses. That is called Free Bet. These Free Bets offer you a lot more than many betting offers ever will and that too without placing any enormous stake! Find out how it works and how you can leverage it for your own success here.


Top 6 Betting Sites that offer Free Bets In 2020

100% up to $250 Welcome Bonus
  • Code: CAN250
  • Min odds: 1.50
  • Rollover: -
100% up to $20 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds 2.00
  • Rollover: 35x bonus
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds of 1,50
  • + $10 casino bonus
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Min. odds: 1.30
  • Rollover: 5x Bonus
100% up to $200 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to $200
  • Deposit + Bonus: 5 x
100% up to $125 Welcome Offer
  • 100% up to $125
  • Min. deposit $20
  • Deposit + Bonus: 10 x
100% up to $100 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to $100
  • Min. deposit $10
  • Deposit + Bonus: 5 x, min. odds 1,75

What are Free Bets?

Free Bets are exactly what they sound like – bets which are free!

Typically, placing a bet would mean you have to place a certain amount of stake. If you get lucky and win the bet, you will be rewarded with a particular sum of money. Otherwise, you lose both the stake amount and the reward. To avoid such blunders, many sportsbooks offer a first bet that does not require a deposit to new players. Usually, the new users or beginners of the betting world get these gifts when they sign up for a betting platform or website. They enable a new customer to place a bet without putting any real money at risk. So you can safely earn a good amount of cash through Free Bets.

Why are Free Bets Important?

Free Bets are popular in online and offline sportsbooks since they serve both sides of the table – betting host and players. The host sportsbooks get to profit from the new users signing up for their site (if they are online) or from the new players coming into their sportsbooks (if they are offline). The Free Bets also help them to retain their current customers by providing them more incentive to continue playing on their sportsbooks. The players, on the other hand, can benefit from not risking any financial loss and landing a possible big win instead. So betting platforms often put out offers including Free Bets to give both the parties a chance to make profits.

How can I Get Free Bets?

Free Bets are abundant in all sportsbooks – online or offline. They also cover almost every category a sportsbook can have including general sports betting etc. It can come to you in one of the following ways:

New Account

The most common way of getting yourself a free bet bonus is opening a new account on a sportsbook website. Of course, you need to be sure of their Free Bets offer before deciding to do so. Almost every gambling brand adopts this method to draw in more enthusiastic gamblers. Each operator has it’s own offer and conditions, with some offering a sign up bonus, some offer a deposit bonus on the first or as explained here a no deposit bonus.  It also makes for a good introduction to the newbies and getting them familiar with how this sportsbook world works! Typically, such Free Bets come at smaller values like $10. However, you can make large profits from it by using them on the right betting games!

Festive Season

Like every other business ventures, sportsbooks also like to up their game on the festive seasons. On globally celebrated holidays or events like Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday etc. these sportsbooks put out promotional packages to attract more customers. These packages include discounts, bigger betting rewards and also – Free Bets. Of course, these bets also tend to expire as soon as the respective season or festival ends. So if you want some extra excitement during these festivities, you can surely depend on these Free Bets.

Conditional Offers

Sometimes, the sportsbooks also present some conditional offers which apply to only the players who suit certain qualifications. Just like it is common for any online game to offer a bonus round after you reach a certain level, these companies also let the players have an extra reward for attaining a particular goal. Such rewards often come in the form of Free Bets.


Betway Free Bet Club

Betway offers Free Bets for their customers every week

How do Free Bet Offers Work?

No matter what the source is for the Free Bet you have earned, they all work in more or less the same way. Free Bets are awarded to you when any of the three situations explained above takes place. This Free Bet may just be a certain amount of bonus money which you can use to place bets later. It can also be an actual bet that you can use for a gambling round. Even if you lose the bet, you will not have to pay anything for the loss. Typically, these Free Bets are valid for a limited timeframe. So you need to use them up before their expiration date.

There is a little difference in how these Free Bets result for you. Even though there is no loss for you when the bet does not produce positive results, it can lower your profit a little if you win. For example, if you receive a Free Bet worth $10 and use it on a game with +300 odds, you will be rewarded with $30 instead of $40. So a loss is completely harmless in but the wins don’t come to you in all their glory. A portion of it equal to the Free Bet amount is cut off. It is still ultimately a profit for you since you will be earning that amount for free. Some operators use wagering – it is an industry term – that means that money needs to gambled multiple times before the profit can be withdrawn. This is designed to stop bonus abuse and ensure that the bookmaker earns a profit.

Kinds of Free Bets

Free Bets can come in all shapes and sizes. Here are four of the most common types of Free Bets offered to players:


You can find matched Free Bets in almost all online sportsbooks. They offer matched Free Bets to the brand new customers who have just signed up on their website. Though they allow all new customers to benefit from such Free Bets, the amount of these bets is not the same. The figure of your initial deposit will determine how much you can receive in Free Bets, which is why these bets are categorized as “matched”. It matches the Free Bet amount with the initial deposit amount. Typically, this initial deposit needs to be at least $5 to trigger a Free Bet and it will be valid for a limited time span.

No Deposit

Though matched Free Bets are the most common ones, there are also some generous betting platforms who offer these without any initial deposit! All you have to do to get a Free Bet from these companies is sign up on their site! However, the value of these Free Bets is much lower than the matched ones. They will be valid for a limited time just like the matched ones. The moment you log in to your new account, your balance will be updated with the promotional money. No deposit Free Bets are harder to come across than other variations but also seem to be the most profitable.


The formatted Free Bets are given to players whose bet or game history meets certain conditions. These are obviously not as easy as the first two discussed above. To receive these Free Bets, you need to first make an account on the respective sportsbook website and make certain deposits. The sportsbook-runners must lay down all the required steps for you to make use of these formatted Free Bets. Typically, after each step, the player receives a Free Bet equal to the amount of placed bet. You can achieve it because of a level you have reached or the time of your main bet.


The qualifying Free Bets rely entirely upon the qualifications of players. You need to make some commitments or moves in order to receive such Free Bets. The possible qualifications might include placing a certain number of bets or a particular type of bet within a fixed time period. Sportsbooks put out such Free Bet offers during a popular game like the winner in horse racing or the first goal-scorer in soccer. It can depend on that horse or that player scoring the win or missing it. The qualifying promotions can also have much more complex conditions including the limit of stake, order of scores, refund limits etc.

Why Play With Free Promotions?

Free Bets bring some obvious perks to the table. Let’s go through them one by one to see what advantages they can really offer:

Little to no risk

As the bets are free, you don’t have to take that many risk factors into account. Especially with no deposit Free Bets, there is zero financial risk you are taking. Since they don’t require any initial deposit, you can basically earn money without the risk of losing even a cent! Of course, the amount you finally win is not mind-boggling or staggering. But the fact that you will have a 100% profit just by setting up an account there is undeniable! This is the main factor that motivates new and old gamblers alike to get some Free Bets under their name.

Easy steps

Free Bets are one of the easiest things to achieve in the sportsbook world. Certain variations such as qualifying or conditional bets might seem to be a little complex to understand. But the more common instances of Free Bets are extremely easy to get your hands on. Just opening an account on the right sportsbook can get you a Free Bet! How much easier can it get?! This ease of use has played a role behind the expansion of online sports betting in Canada.

Multiple sources simultaneously

You don’t need to stick to only one website or platform to benefit from Free Bets! You can delve into as many sportsbooks you want to make the most of this Free Bets’ trend! They will also let you take advantage of the loyalty rewards which may come in the form of Free Bets. Get the best of both worlds by staying active on 2 or 3 sportsbooks at once and come out as the ultimate winner in all!

Top 5 Free Bet Sites

Here are the top five betting sites in Canada which provide the best of Free Bets:

Sports Interaction Logo

Sports Interaction

This is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Canada. Sports Interaction began its journey a long time back in 1997 when internet just started to reach every corner of the world. Even then, this site was going strong by establishing strong reliability among its customers. They did so by acquiring licenses from Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Jersey Gambling Commission. The sports collection of this site includes soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, horse racing and motor racing, along with political events and TV shows. When you sign up on Sports Interaction and make the first deposit, you can benefit from a 100% welcome bonus up to $125. Other promotional events include Free Bets and deposit bonuses.


888sport is another big betting company exploring the peaks of success in the gambling world. It often comes with many offers including Free Bets for its new and existing customers. As of now, if you sign up for this platform, you can get 100% bonus of up to $250! Along with the popular sports betting choices, you can find other smaller games to bet on here like darts, greyhounds, handball, snooker, ice hockey, volleyball etc.! Most of the bonus offers and prizes lie on the popular sections, however, covering soccer, basketball, cricket, boxing, golf and horse racing. In addition to sports, 888sport also allows you to have some fun by betting on the results of political events like an election or grand TV programme like Oscars! You can get up to $30 in Free Bets here by depositing at least $10. For that to work, you will need to use the respective deposit promo code. It will result in two $10 Free Bets and one $10 Free Bet for mobile.

Spin Sports Logo

Spin Sports

Spin Sports is a bookmaker with a great range of sports markets.  expert bettors can choose a suitable one and find themselves in an adrenaline driving experience. They are holding a Maltese license and one from Kahnawake Gaming Commission. With a great app and 24/7 customer support to make a great addition to the market. As welcome bonus they offer a 100% Free Bet match up to $200 on your 1st deposit.


Betway has been playing the role of a sportsbook giant for a long time to know exactly what would work on the new customers. We have known it to be the favorite hangout place for online gamblers since 2006. With all that experience, Betway has some interesting offers in place to attract new players, as well as satisfy the old loyal ones. The brand new gamblers from Canada can join in on the fun and have a grand bonus of up to $100! This amount will be decided according to the first deposit you make and 100% of it will be awarded to you as a bonus. The initial deposit must be $10 at least for you to be eligible for this offer. There is also a Free Bet Club on Betway which lets you get $10 in Free Bet each week if you place $25 bet on multiples on any sports. The odds for these placed bets must be +200 at least. So have fun with the Free Bets being a newcomer or by placing the right bets at the right odds.

Bodog LogoBodog

Bodog predates Sports Interaction by beginning their sportsbook journey in 1994. They currently cater to bettors primarily from the North American regions, as well as the United Kingdom. So they cover a wide range of sporting events including the favorites – basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. The bettors who are new to this platform can take advantage of the 100% welcome bonus of up to $200. There are also freeplay bonus and Free Bets, as well as a referral bonus of up to $100. Bodog offers you the modern convenience of making deposits through the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Besides, you can also use debit cards and credit cards for financial transactions. However, these card payments will charge an additional fee. You can rely on this betting platform since it has gained certification from iTech Labs and holds a license issued by the Caribbean Nation of Antigua. Additionally, Bodog is regulated by the FSRC (Financial Services Regulatory Commission of Antigua and Barbuda).