• Experienced Sportsbook Operator
    Launched in 1994
  • Competitive Odds
    A great site for betting on underdogs!
  • Fast Payouts
    Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • 100% First Deposit Bonus Up To £200
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Our Rating: 84/100

Bodog Sportsbook Review 2021

Bodog started its operations back in 1994, so they are one of the pioneers in online gambling. Since then, they have made quite a name for themselves in the international market as well. Right now Bodog has most of its businesses coming from the Canadian online betting markets. Bodog has a lot on offer in terms of sports betting and live betting, which continue to garner players’ attention. Ever since their inception, Bodog has been consistent in providing quality to their customers, and that is one of the most prominent qualities of this sportsbook.

Betting Markets
Statistic n.a.
Mobile Betting
Service email, Hotline
up to 93%
Payment Methodes
Specific features Many exciting sports events
100% Welcome Bonus on first deposit

Bodog gave it a brand in 2000. This was several years after the boom of online gambling in the United States and everywhere else in the world. Bodog managed to get the market leader status by 2006, and now it has turned into a multi-million dollar business. They have multiple options in terms of sports betting. They also have expanded their businesses into television productions, martial arts brand, coffee etc. In 2006, the company replaced owners and Bodog.com was bought by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. Then in December of 2011, Bodog and Bravada brands became separated entities.

Licenses and Other Areas

Bodog.eu accepts customers only from Canada and the players from Latin America. But they do have a sister site, Bovada, which caters to the players from the United States and the UK. The languages available at the Bodog sports Canada site are English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Experiences with Bodog in Brief

  • Long time experience in the gambling industry
  • One of the fastest sites in terms of processing payments
  • Competitive odds and low bonus rollover
  • The debit and credit card payment procedures require a processing fee
  • Not eligible for the residents in the US
  • Compared to other online sportsbooks, their odds go on later

Benefits of Bodog

Bodog has a lot of pros which we like here. Bodog is one of the top sportsbooks online these days, and there are perks which can adhere to the claim. The pros of Bodog are:

  • Long time experience in the gambling industry.
  • One of the fastest sites in terms of processing payments.
  • Competitive odds with low bonus rollover.

When it comes to the trust factor, Bodog is sitting quite up high. Back in the November 2013, their offices were raided by the Filipino police. Their phone support went down due to this incident for about a week or so, but their payout procedure was not slowed down due to this. It goes without saying that a company with such importance on putting out payments on time despite issues deserves our trust. In terms of taking care of customers and their bankrolls, Bodog has to be one of the most trusted sites ever in terms of gambling.

Bodog has soft odds, and you will feel this particularly when receiving the square odds. But even when you are dealing with the sharp odds, there is still a lot of value added. Especially for betting on the underdogs, it can be extra profitable. In terms of customer support, they have some of the best experiences to offer us. They are available 24/7 a day, 365 days a year. They don’t offer live chatting options at the moment, but they do it seamlessly over the telephone and email. Customer service and response speed are the most valuable assets for any business, and Bodog is doing fabulously on that front.


Bodog Website

Bodog Website

Drawbacks of Bodog

Despite having multiple good points, we need to address the drawbacks of the operator here as well. There is not one company in existence that has done so well that they don’t have anything to work on. Running an operation is a continuous process, and Bodog needs to work on some cons to get better in their services. Those issues are:

  • The debit and credit card payment procedures require a processing fee.
  • Not eligible for the residents in the US.
  • Compared to other online sportsbooks, their odds go on later.

When it comes to putting them into a category, we have to admit that Bodog falls firmly into the recreational one. The betting limits are significantly smaller compared to other international online sportsbooks. This is not necessarily a bad thing per se, but if you are in the lookout for a bookmaker with options to wager five figures on totals and side bets, then Bodog is not for you. Do remember that the very reason that Bodog has some soft pricing might not be your cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine.

Another drawback we believe worth mentioning here is that they tend to limit the sharp and successful players quite quickly. They extract the maximum from the recreational bettors and squares and limit the sharp players. This is not actually an ideal situation for everyone, even though a good business tactic by them. When it comes to deposits and withdrawal options, Bodog has some limitations there as well. The options for payouts and payments are pretty limited, but we do agree that it makes sense due to the restrictions in the regions. Bodog doesn’t accept any types of e-wallets anymore, as both Skrill and Neteller have left the Canadian online gambling markets.

Betting Markets at Bodog

For sports betting, the options available at Bodog are the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Boxing, Cricket, Badminton, horse racing, UFC, golf, rugby, Tennis, Esports, car racing (Formula 1, IndyCar etc.), Soccer (La Liga, FIFA, EPL, MLS, UEFA etc.). Basically, most of the most popular games are available for sports betting at the Bodog site.


Betting Markets at Bodogs

Betting Markets at Bodog


Other than games, you can make wagers on the entertainment side as well, such as award shows. Popular shows like the Emmys are part of the gamble. This is super interesting and fun as it adds another dimension to the sports betting segment.

Bodog Welcome Bonus and Promotions

When it comes to bonus offers, we need to say that it is one of Bodog’s best qualities. These days very minimum sportsbooks are offering free play bonuses, and it is even rarer for one to provide one above $100. Bodog has their bonus offer for all their new players where they can get a 100% first deposit bonus with up to $200 limit. But the bonus is only available for the first deposit with no exceptions whatsoever. The sports bonus is available for use in the racebook and the sportsbook.


Bodog Sign up Welcome Offer

Bodog Sign up Welcome Offer


The bonus has a rollover of 5X. This is including the deposit amount, as well as the free play amount. A rollover worth 5X is not exactly our ideal scene, but it is still certainly quite competitive with the others’ bonus offers. It is helpful since the maximum bonus limit is $200. Bodog has multiple promotions going on at any time for their online sportsbook. But there are some general promotions which are applicable to all sorts of games and gambling within the site.

Your Deposit$200 + Bodog Bonus$200 = Betting Amount$400

These are the ongoing promotional offers that are open for anyone to participate in. they include a casino, a poker room, and the sportsbook.

Refer a Friend

You will get rewarded for suggesting Bodog to your friends. When your friends make a real money deposit through your reference link, you will get a bonus equal to 200% of that deposit. The maximum limit of this earning bonus is $100. This bonus has a wagering requirement of 5X for sports, 5X for racebook. You can use your link to refer to as many friends you like.

94 Club

This is Bodog’s exclusive VIP program. The way to get in is to get invited by Bodog itself. Some of the perks of being a part of this exclusive club is getting weakly bonuses, passes from live events, cash rewards and many more exciting offers which are exclusive only to the players in the club.

Website Review

The Bodog sportsbook site is fully-optimized to make sure that the bettors get the best out of their bucks. Unlike many other heavy sites, Bodog doesn’t take forever to load. Also, since there is live betting option, the quick load helps in placing the bets quickly, without having to miss out on the in-live betting options. The site is also user-friendly, as the games and offers along with their odds are nicely categorized on the Bodog site. Because of this, even the new players should easily find their way throughout the sportsbook. Overall, the Bodog sportsbook offers a very nice site to the bettors to place their bets on.

Bodog Mobile and Apps

Bodog is the highest rated bookmaker in Canada, so it is no surprise that they offer sports betting on the go. The site has a dedicated app for both the Android and iOS users. Players can download this on their smartphone, tablet or any other sort of portable devices to take their games and bets on the go. This is really helpful as the option for live betting means you don’t need to stay glued to your home computer anymore. The site’s app is easy to navigate, and the options to make your bets is easy to understand as well. The odds are shown correctly on the app, so it should not be a problem to overcome. If you are not willing to use the app, you can just simply open the site through your mobile’s browser. Any browser of your choice will quickly load the site, and you can go on enjoying your sports betting activities easily on the go.

Live Betting at Bodog

You can bet on the many sports events taking place from around the world by using the live betting interface of the Bodog site. The odds of betting on live sports are dynamic, as they change constantly based on the game plan. Another thing to consider here is the bets placed by the masses. Through the live betting option, you can place your bets on every play, and every possession, as well as every at-bat situation. For an instant, you can wager on the next batter getting a hit, or taking a walk in MLB, thanks to the live betting facility at Bodog.

Same goes for other popular sports events as well. For examples, in NFL, you can bet whether or not the next play will be an incomplete or a complete pass, a turnover or a run. These live betting options can completely change the way one makes their bets on sports. The in-live betting options can make any sport more enjoyable and fun. The excitement of watching your favorite team win and simultaneously winning money with them is one of the best moments ever.


Bodog Live Betting

Live Betting at Bodog


Betting Odds

The sportsbook is definitely the most popular and exciting section of the Bodog website. Bodog doesn’t have the biggest sportsbook on offer, or even the most markets available for betting. But they do offer a diverse and solid selection of US-focused markets, which attracts the Canadian bettors a lot. An exciting option that pops out to us is the option of betting on E-sports. This has grown slowly and steadily in the last couple of years. There is also the option of betting on the Olympic Games as well. Since there are so many options for betting on the site, we feel like this is a great way to start for beginners to start to experience the fun times of sports betting.

Types of Bets and Limits

The types of bet you can make here include point spread, money lines, props, over or under, and 3 –ways. There are many games which even offer 60+ different prop bets. If you want to bet on things like the first player to score, player or team totals, the first team to score, how the score is made etc. you can thank this option. This is both a fun and exciting type of side bet to add more fun to your gambling experience. The Bodog site has offers on live betting as well. The props bets are somewhat of a live betting sort, as you can bet on the points scored first, next hit etc. in the real time.

The good point for Bodog is that it is fairly easy to navigate sportsbook for players who are brand new in this betting sports thing. But it is also robust enough if players decide on making an account only on this sportsbook. Having an account on Bodog will result is a safe and secure transaction each time.

Bodog Payment Options

The cashier option for Bodog is not as rich as you would expect from a sportsbook of such stature. But the plus point is that they mostly cater to the Canadian customers anyway, which makes sense for the absence of E-wallets. Both Neteller and Skrill has left the Canadian market, which is why Bodog still doesn’t offer any E-wallet options for their players.

Bodog only has the following options for making deposits and payments. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts vary for them. The good thing is deposit doesn’t require any additional fees to be made. Visa has the minimum deposit amount of $25, and the maximum is $1,000. For Bitcoin, the minimum is $20, with the maximum being $5,000. As for MasterCard, the minimum is $25, and the maximum is $1,000. And you have Interac e-transfer, the minimum is $20, while the maximum is $1,000.

The deposits don’t need any additional fees, but the withdrawals are a different story. The first check of every month is free, but each and every additional one after that will cost you $50. The one exception is Bitcoin, as those are free throughout all the payouts, unless your wallet charges you a fee, of course. For each request for making payouts, the minimum is $20, and the maximum is $3,000.

Bitcoin withdrawals are completed within 48 hours. This is slightly slower than some other sites, especially compared to the sites that only has Bitcoin option for payments. But this is still a decent amount of waiting time for a site that deals with both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Bodog is a comparatively new adapter as well, so it is likely that their speed will improve over time. Checks take two weeks to become processed at Bodog, sometimes the speeding time is faster, and the check can get processed under a week. Sometimes it can even take only a few days even. For operating in the grey market, Bodog has been one of the most consistent and fastest sites for over a decade. This is rather hopeful, as it is another sign of the sportsbook site’s security and safety.

Customer Support

For customer support, Bodog doesn’t offer a live chat option like most other bookmakers. But their customer service team is still available 24/7, 365 days a year, over the phone and email options. The Bodog has some of the best staff members representing them online. The response time for the email is pretty quick. You can expect to get a query answered within a few hours of asking. This is a rather quick way of getting your problems resolved, so overall the customer support service at Bodog Sportsbook is pretty nice. We do have to mention the lack of 24/7 live chat option again though, as this has become somewhat of a norm these days so not having the usual seems somewhat lacking. You can reach out to the Bodog Sportsbook via the email address [email protected] The phone number is for the customer support team is 1-877-263-6422, and it is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Conclusion – Our Bodog experiences in the test

Bodog sportsbook has a lot of great things offer. This is an online sportsbook site with some soft odds and pretty decent features, which is why we believe this will be a perfect place to start for the beginners. The Bodog site has many exciting sports events and promotional offers, so we think this is a sportsbook site worth checking out. If you are only starting out, then Bodog can be a good place to start as it has pretty much all the options available. And if you are a pro looking for places to venture out, the Bodog site is a good one to start. Overall, we will recommend the Bodog sportsbook site to anyone looking for sports betting as we quite like the way they operate and present their odds.

Our Rating: 84/100
  • Experienced Sportsbook Operator
    Launched in 1994
  • Competitive Odds
    A great site for betting on underdogs!
  • Fast Payouts
    Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • 100% First Deposit Bonus Up To £200
    Claim your free bonus today

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