Betway’s Premier League Football Special VARdy Boost


The action in the Premier League kicks off this Friday and so do some special boosts presented by Betway. Among a number of standard betting markets Betway has decided to reward their players with a range of very interesting boosts. One such example is the “VARdy” special!

Jamie Vardy is a prolific goalscorer and has proven his lethal touch in front of goal, scoring left and right over the past couple of seasons. He is Leicester’s top scorer and is among the players who might become the next Premier League Top Goalscorer. Jamie is also the Foxes’ standard penalty taker.

What if we combine Vardy’s penalty-taking ability and the newest technology introduced in football, VAR? We get Betway’s special boost which allows bettors to place a wager on Jamie Vardy scoring a goal awarded by VAR! Betway prices this special offer at 10.00.

Leicester starts their 2019 Premier League campaign on Sunday, August 11, with a home game against Wolves.

How do I Place a Bet

To place a bet on Betway’s VARdy offer, simply visit the site and create an account. If you already have one, then you are halfway there. Find and click on the “Betway Boost” button, in the dropdown menu on the left. A list will appear. Locate the VARdy offer and click on the odds to add it to your betting slip.

Players can place a bet on this single event or add other games to their slip. Decide how much you want to wager and press “play” to finish. After you are done just sit back and relax and wait for the game between Leicester and Wolverhampton to start.

Betway’s Premier League Football Special VARdy Boost

Betway’s Premier League Football Special VARdy Boost

Terms and Conditions

The VARdy special works like any other football market provided by Betway. Terms and conditions apply as with all standard wagers.

However, in order for your bet to come true, the given requirements have to be met. First of all, a penalty has to be awarded in favor of Leicester. The foul committed needs to be reviewed by the referee, more precisely using VAR technology. Once the official decides that it is indeed a foul, he will rule a penalty for the home side.

The penalty kick needs to be converted by Vardy!

It does not matter in what minute of the game the goal is scored, nor does it matter if the Foxes win or lose the game. The only thing that does matter is that the conditions described above happen.

Hazardless Offer

If you want more Premier League markets and special offers, Betway also has the “Hazardless” promotion. Chelsea lost their star player Eden Hazard and are now trying to make do without him. However, their season opener is with a very tough opponent – an away game against Manchester United.

Most bookmakers say that Manchester is the clear favorite for this game. Therefore, there is a big chance that the Blues might lose their first EPL match. However, what if they start the season with three losses in a row? This could prove devastating for the Pensioners but very favorable for bettors.

If you are also believe that Chelsea is in for a rocky start of the season, you should know that Betway prices them losing their initial three games at 8.00 as a special boost offer.

Offer ends: August 11th, 15:00