New Sports Betting Sites

There are many online sports betting sites piping up each day, as a result of online sports betting’s increasing popularity. The new sports betting sites offer new digital experience with their latest betting tools and interesting features. Although the popular and best online bookmakers are the more common and popular choices among bettors, the new and upcoming sportsbooks can surely pack a punch as well.

Betting sites which have been in the game for a while running the risk of getting backdated in terms of technology and features, since they have already established a name for themselves. Such thinking can lead to poor performance and quality. Thus the new sports betting sites do deserve a chance for getting discovered.

Choosing New Online Sports Betting Sites

It can be quite difficult to pin down one particular new site as trustworthy and reliable, as there are so many popping out every day. Choosing the new online bookmakers should be a careful approach. Players shouldn’t sign up just for the sake of the bonuses and promotional offers, as there are more to any bookmaking site. Bettors looking for the new sports betting sites should include the following in the decision making process.

  • Regulations

This is the first and foremost rule of a site being legal and trustworthy. The new site should have all the legally required licenses to fulfill the necessary jurisdiction. If there is a legal and credible license, then the player should concentrate on finding out the fairness of the sportsbook. Both of these factors need to be there for a new site to be rendered trustworthy. If you can’t confirm these, don’t join the sportsbook.

  • Software

The credible bookmakers will be more compatible and accessible compared to the veterans. This is because we are living in the digital age now. Players should always check out what the platforms are and it the software is compatible with the devices they have.

  • User Interface

A new sportsbook’s user interface is what determines the usability of the site. While choosing a new sports betting site, you should look for one with a good user interface. It will be helpful in getting a more efficient experience while you place your bets. There are several factors that make a new sports site user-friendly.

Odds Display

Many online sportsbooks provide a variety of odds options, while some offer only in one format. When you are looking at a new sports betting site, it should have the odds in the format you prefer the most. This will help you access the potential wagers in minimal time. In most cases, sports betting sites offer the odds in American, fractional and decimal formats. These should be enough to cover the grounds in most levels. However, if you are looking for something else, then you need to search a bit more. You can contact the site’s customer support team to help you in that regard.

Sorting Options

Another factor that can help you decide on the user’s interface is the sorting options. There are many potential wagers being offered by a sports site at any given time, so it is always helpful to have sorting options. Such options will help you narrow down your searches and cut down on time to find out what you are looking for. Spending the whole day to find the right sports events to bet on is not ideal.

The bare minimum that a new sports betting site can offer is the option to sort by sport. For added options, it is good to have the option of sorting by bet type. The perfect wager for you will be easy to locate this way.


Take a note of the site’s speed as you are searching for a new sports betting site. The majority of sports betting sites are good enough in terms of speed. But on rare occasions there are some which are relatively slow. So make sure you see if there are any page lags or delays as you are loading any pages on the new sports betting site.


The compatibility factor for the new sports betting site is twofold. One if the device you will use to make your bets, and the next is you. The first thing is to make sure your new sports betting site is compatible with whichever device you plan on using to place your bets. Try them on with the device you are planning to use. If things are off, leave the site and find another.

The next thing is also crucial in finding a new sports betting site. See if the site is compatible with you. The site has to be user-friendly for you, as every user interface is different. Find a website that you find easy to navigate, and see if the sorting options and other factors go on without any issues.

Betting Options

When you are searching for a new sports betting site, make sure you find one with as many betting options as possible. We will strongly encourage you to find one that has live betting options available. Right now live betting is one of the hottest trends in the online sports betting scene, so having the option is always fun and exciting. You can place the wagers on the games and events that are currently underway with the live betting option. This changes a lot of things as factors change while the game is being played.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

When players sign up with a new account the site will most likely offer some welcome bonus to get you started. They usually come in the forms of free bets. During the major tournaments and events, bookmakers make sure to announce the most lucrative offers. When looking for a new sports betting site, it can be one of the factors to look for. Also, take this matter with a grain of salt, as not all bonus offers and promotions are as lucrative as they might come across. In most cases, they come with high rollover requirements, and fulfilling them will sometimes mean spending a lot more than you had planned initially. So you should be careful about this before signing up with a new sports betting site.

Banking and Security

The last factor is finding out whether a new sports betting site is worth your time and effort or not is to find out about its banking methods and security measures. Most sites will offer more than enough options so that every player has a common transaction method they can use for payments and withdrawals. Choose if you are comfortable with all the available methods or not. And the thing inherently connected to banking is the site’s security. You should make sure that the site won’t sell away your sensitive and personal information to third-parties. The new sports betting site should be able to protect your financial and personal information.

Latest Features

Sports betting has changed over the years, and with the abundance of technology and features at our expenses, it is obvious that the new sites will use the latest features. When considering a new sports betting site to join, see if they have the latest trends on offer. If you are unaware of all the latest features that an online sportsbook can offer, read on to find out.

  • Live Streaming

Live betting, in-play betting, live streaming – no matter what you call it, is what is available on all the sportsbooks offering latest trends these days. This is referred to when you are able to make your bets as the event is happening. The thrill of being able to make your bets as the event is happening adds a whole other dimension to the excitement of online sports betting. New bookmakers have started to incorporate this feature into their sites, and you should consider joining one that lets you do so.

  • Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports are taking the world by storm and for good reasons. Not all games are taking place at all times so virtual sports can quench your thirst for betting whenever you want. A simulated game’s outcome can be anything, and betting on them can bring extra excitement. The games for the virtual sports run on RNG software. This ensures that the end results are random, which makes them fair for betting.

  • Mobile Apps

Mobile gambling has been a part of the online gambling scene for a while now. In the beginning, the mobile apps used to only have a couple of games available, as the transitions were not always smooth and desirable. However, these days, the mobile apps work as well as the desktop versions of the sports betting sites. Operators have finally started to see the importance of being able to gamble on the go. The new sports betting sites these days have their own dedicated apps to make the betting options more accessible than ever. While looking for a new sports betting site, look for one that lets you play on any portable device you have, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

New Sports Betting Sites

Now that you know what to look for when looking for a new sports betting site and signing up for it, here are some good examples of some new sports betting sites in Canada. These sites fulfill the requirements of being good online bookmakers, as they come equipped with the latest features and technologies.

  • Green Sports

The new sportsbook platform of Mr. Green has a clean, crisp and minimal design. It is designed with different shades of green, and there are different tabs and windows to keep things neat. The popular events are highlighted, with options to choose a singular sports event.

The sportsbook has a large selection of sports to bet on. Betting options include each way, combination bets, single bets, and system bets. You can change the odds formatting with one click. The most popular betting markets on the sportsbook are football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball etc.

  • Karamba Sports

This bookmaker will offer plenty of competitive prices on most popular sports, including football. The site offers an extensive list of markets and sports. There are decent odds here, and with a variety of markets, Karamba sport is a good place to place your wagers. The site offers everything from table tennis to Speedway, so it is hard to not find something you enjoy.

The site also offers live betting options for a variety of games, such as football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. The site is neatly ordered, so you will find everything easily.

  • Betrally Sports

The site has odds offered in the comparable and bettor-friendly ways to make them stand out. The site has a diverse user base as it is easy to view on any devices. The odds are displayed in the popular formats and can be changed with a single click.

There are many betting markets on the sportsbook, and some of them include football, basketball, tennis, golf, cycling, boxing, rugby, MMA, motor racing, ice hockey, and others. The site has a live betting option as well.

  • Comeon! Sports

This site has nearly 14,000 markets on offer to put your bets on every month. The most popular one is football, but other sports like golf, cricket, horse racing, and rugby are quite popular as well. Their main focus is on in-play betting, and there is a handy button at the very top of the page to access the option quickly.

  • Guts Sports

This sportsbook currently has 22 betting markets available for the bettors. The bigger markets have huge depth. For example, players who want to bet on the English Premier League can do so from about 50 different options. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to not find something you like from Guts Sports.


It is hard to choose the best sports betting site when there are so many to choose from. With the newer sites coming up with the latest technologies and trends, it is perhaps getting even harder to pinpoint a specific one. However, with the help of this guide, it should be easy to narrow down your searches. As long as you know what you are looking for and you do your research, you should be good to go.