NBA Betting Sites for 2020

The National Basketball Association (Or more commonly known as the NBA) is one of the most popular sport betting leagues in the world. The league includes opportunities for the smart bettors to make millions, given you know how and what to bet on. The ways to place successfully does come with quite a few strategies though. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will have a good grasp of that concept.

The Best NBA Betting Sites

Betting on the NBA is both fun and exhilarating experience, and doing it the right way can bring you money. To find the best NBA betting sites, you will need to do some research on your part. The NBA tends to be a game of unpredictability, and the odds can change at any time. Given those circumstances, it’s important that one knows how to find the best betting sites with the best odds.


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The NBA betting sites, as already mentioned, are not chosen randomly as finding the right one is not as easy as it sounds. We use a couple of criteria to make sure we are only getting the best betting sites.

How We Evaluate Sites

Trustworthiness and Security

The number one criteria for us choosing any sort of betting site is always this. It is first and foremost the most important criteria for us because you need to be able to trust the safety and security of the site. This is because your hard earned money is involved here. When you make your transactions on the site, you are basically giving away all of your sensitive information. All industries have the scammers lurking, and the sports betting industry is no different.

Bets Variety

This might not be an important criteria for you if you are still a beginner, but we still want to make sure that the options are there if you want to venture more. There are many NBA betting sites that only offer bets on the winners of the game and the over or under bets, with nothing more on offer. For the recreational bettor, this might be good enough. But if you are looking to become a pro, this will not work out for you in a couple months.


SpinPalace Sports NBA betting markets

SpinPalace Sports offers a good range of betting markets for NBA


Bonus and Promotional Offers

No matter where you place your bets, be it the physical sportsbook or online, they will take their cut out of your pocket. So since they are taking their cut anyway, you should look for ways to compensate for that. One of the major positives of betting online is that you can take advantage of many bonus promotions and free bets. When looking for the bonus offers, few things should get priority. Also, promotions which are custom made for the NBA are the best kind of bonuses.


888sports Bonus offer

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The user interface of the NBA betting site is extremely important for you to enjoy the game in real time and place your bets without any issues. Also, sites with too much going on seem like a jumble and it’s hard to find the right game and place to bet on. A site with a good user interface should have a relaxed feel to it. We only list the betting sites that are equipped with a user-friendly interface to make sure that the bettors can place their bets without getting a headache first.

Live Betting

This is an important factor in our opinion for a site to be listed on our site. Some sites allow for live betting options during the game. The live betting options might be specific to the halftime bets or quarter bets only, but at least they are there. Depending on the type of bets you like to play with, you may or may not like this option, but we think this is an option worth having.

Criteria to Look for When Selecting an NBA Betting Site


Other than having just your typical NBA betting market, there are many bookmakers that also offer other types of betting options. The different types of prop bets and other exotic options include the following.

  • Alternative Game Totals

This is the same as total betting options, but there are some bookmakers that offer different lines so that the choice is of larger odds. For example, if you think there is a chance for a high-scoring game, you can find better odds worth over 200 points.

  • Double Result

This is a chance when you can select which team you think will win during the halftime, as well as once again during fulltime. This way you can boost your odds of selection. Unfortunately, with better odds come greater risks. For you to win the bet, you will have to make correct predictions for both halves of the game.

  • Winning Margin

This is when you place your bet on the winning margin of the team you choose. The side you choose many wins for the bet to win. The winning margin options are of 1-2 points, 3-6 points, 7-9 points and so on. This goes up to 21+ points. The odds are huge so obviously, the risks of losing are also far higher.

Other than these extra prop bets, there are some bookmakers that offer other types of exotic NBA betting markets such as the race to 20 points, the alternative points spread bet, odd or even points total, the team with the highest-scoring quarter etc. Most bookmakers will also offer long-term or futures markets in addition to them.

Bet types

When registering online for an NBA betting site, you will likely want to know what type of bets there are. The most common types of NBA bets are available across almost all betting sites. Following you will find out what are the common bet types and how they work.

  • Spread Bets

These are the most common type of bets which you will find on any sportsbook. A spread bet is placed based on how a specific team will perform. Basically, this bet is a wager on which team will perform better than everyone’s expectations. It’s a simple concept and bettors get accustomed with it fairly quickly since it’s the most common bet at sportsbooks.

  • Moneyline Bets

These are also somewhat simple to understand, which goes to show its popularity on online sports betting sites. When you place your bet on a winning team, you win. But since there are almost always a favorite and an underdog in any game, the bookmakers can’t change the spread. So they alter the winning ratio for each team and the more a team is expected to win, the less money you stand to make.

  • Over and Under Bets

These are also another widely available option at the online sportsbooks. When placing this bet, it doesn’t matter the winner or loser of the match. What matters most is the number of scores. The wager is particularly important for those who know how the teams play regularly.

  • Proposition Bets

These bets are different from the other ones in the sense that there is no option to choose between two outcomes. You will decide on what you want to bet on and during which match it might happen. If you know that a certain player will score a specific number of 3-pointers during a match, you can place a proposition bet based on that scenario. These make for some excellent side bets.


888sport NBA Bet Types

888sport offers more than 180 different bet types, e.g. for Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers


Before you can start placing your bets, you need to know what you are looking at. Online sportsbooks will display a range of odds for each game being played on the NBA, and you can place your bets based on those odds. If you prefer not to, that is also an option. But odds, in general, can work as a guideline for you to make more profitable bets, especially if you are a beginner. The odds are shown in different ways, but most online NBA betting sites will show the following three options.

  • Fractional Odds

The fractional odds are displayed with a slash or hyphen between two numbers, such as 5/1, 5-1 or simply stated as five to one. These are simple to grasp, so they are the most used versions in most online sportsbooks these days. So placing a bet with a 5/1 odds goes like this. You will win $5 for every $1 that you wager. To be more specific, you can wager a $100 on a 5/1 bet. If you win here, you will get $500 on profit, plus the initial stake of $100. So at the end of the game, you will have $600.

  • Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are used primarily on the European continent, as well as in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. A bet with decimal odds will put two different numbers against the opposing teams. Say for example, in a particular game, A: 2.00 and B: 1.50. From here you can easily guess which team is expected to win. You can also tell how much profit you can make from this bet. If you place a bet of $5 on team A, you will get a return of $10. This is because the original stake is added to your total return.

  • American Odds

These are quite different from the other two types, as you will need to do some simple math here. The team more likely to win will have a – in front of them, and the underdogs will have the +. So team A will be +300, while team B will have -110. So team A is showing how much you will win for making a bet of $100, while team B is showing how much you will need to place on the bet to make $100. These numbers only show the profit and not the initial stake, so for a stake of $100 on team A, you will win $300, which will make your total profit $400.

All About the Sport of Basketball

Basketball is one of the most important sports from around the world. Basketball needs simple equipment to play – only a hoop and a ball. The sport is also good for the formation of 1-1 or 5-5, so you don’t need a lot of people to get a game started.

What You Need to Know About Betting on Basketball


This can happen to key players during the play, and when it happens, the games will have reduced limits. Sometimes they may even be pulled out of the game completely. Some teams can even play better with a substitute. The injuries can play a big role in NBA betting.


Fatigue is a factor when it comes to NBA, so knowing a team’s schedule and how they have played so far is important stuff to consider. Matchups is another big issue here.


Trends are not always predictable, and anything can happen during an NBA game. Trends are good to follow but don’t follow them blindly.


  • Find a good betting site.
  • Follow the regular games.
  • Learn about betting types and odds.
  • Don’t go overboard with your budget.
  • Have fun. 


Q: Is betting on NBA profitable?

A: Yes! It’ll be challenging, but there are plenty of people who make a living out of betting.

Q: How to get started?

A: Getting started is simple. Pick a site, create an account, make some deposit and choose a team to put your money on.

Q: Do I need to make big bets to win?

A: Not necessarily. For extra fun with some extra bucks, small bets are completely fine. You can get the benefits even with a low bet minimum of $1.

Q: Do I need to make complex bets to win?

A: No! You can bet on a simple yes and no answer and still win.

Q: Is betting on NBA illegal?

A: Depends on where you live. For those residing in Canada, it’s legal.

Q: Are the odds always correct?

A: No. The odds are predictions based on many factors, but games can be predictable.

Q: What is live betting?

A: Live betting is when you can place your bets as the game is being played.

Q: Can I make a living from this?

A: It’s going to be hard, but not impossible. 

Our Recommended NBA Betting Sites

Pinnacle LogoPinnacle Sports

Pinnacle will get A+ from us when it comes to odds and limits. The site has a distinct feel to it. Overall, a much-optimized site for the NBA bettors.



This is a popular brand of companies for all types of casino betting, and they are not behind in terms of NBA betting as well. The 888sport name is a sign of trustworthiness and you can place your bets with ease.


Spin Palace

Another trusted site for NBA betting is Spin Palace. This site offers lucrative bonus offers. Moreover, it fulfills the criteria for being a good betting site for NBA.



NBA betting sites are easy to come across since it’s a popular sports league. However, the best betting sites should have the best options to make the betting easier and faster. The main point of betting sites is to provide headache-free options, and we believe with time and effort, it’s possible to find some of the best NBA betting sites.