MLS Betting Guide 2021

When you consider sports markets, MLS is not the name that instantly occurs in mind as this is still a small market, but gradually gaining popularity worldwide. However, the scene is very different in Canada and in the USA where MLS is not only popular but also good for betting online.

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This is especially suitable for the soccer lovers who will get to enjoy spell-bounding matches along with an opportunity to add to the bankroll. With a generous number of online sportsbooks offering this sport market, now is the time to learn some of the most essential information regarding MLS.

What is the MLS?

MLS is the short term for Major League Soccer which is currently the leading system in American Soccer. It is sanctioned by the US Soccer that is the highest level in sports both in Canada and the USA. The league consists of 24 teams in total, 21 of which are in the US and the remaining 3 in Canada. It was founded almost 25 years ago, in 1993. After its journey on the 17th December of the mentioned year with ten teams only, the league never looked back and continues to go stronger and more popular with every coming year. With the best teams from both the US and Canada, the league starts in March and runs till October. This is the regular season where each team gets to play 34 games. The whole season ends with one team being the winner and rewarded with the prestigious Supporters’ Shield. The fun continues in the MLS Cup Playoffs which is the postseason tournament and runs for the next two months of November and December. Here, twelve teams from different divisions in the Canadian Championship and from the US Open Cup compete against each other for the MLS Cup. There are almost 180 games played during the regular season, which is another reason for its drastically growing popularity among the fans and the punters. The inclusion of famous star players from the European regions also plays an important role in increasing its fame.

How To Bet On The MLS?

Betting on MLS is similar to betting in most soccer-related sports markets. You can find the available betting options when you select MLS match or game from your preferred online betting site.

Point Spread Bets 

Spread betting is a bet where the winning team needs to win by a certain amount of points or the defeated team has to lose by a certain number of points. If you predict that right, you win the bet.

Money Line Bets

In this type of bet, there is a three-line betting system in which you can bet on winning, losing or a tie.

Over/Under Bets

Here a number is set beforehand. The betting system depends on the total points made by both the teams. If it is below the set number, it is under bet whereas it is an overbet if the total point exceeds the set number.

Proposition Bets

In this bet, you can place a wager on a certain event taking place during the match. For an example, you can bet on a certain player scoring a certain number of goals or bet on which team will win the toss etc.

Future Bets

You can bet on the outcome of more than one match. For an example, you can place a wager on a certain team to win the league championship.

MLS Betting: Understanding the Rules

Each sportsbook has its own rules that you need to follow while betting in that site. However, a few rules are common in every sportsbook. Some are briefly given below:

  • In case of money line bets, only the wagers on draw option will be paid if the match ends in a draw. Wagers on both, winning or losing team, will be lost.
  • In case of over/under betting, the game must reach full-time (including the extra time in some betting sites)
  • If a certain event in a match becomes a matter of dispute, wagers will be paid based on the sports media reports.

MLS Markets

Now, there are a good number of markets when it comes to betting in MLS. Regardless of the market you choose, it depends mostly on your knowledge on that market. You can simply go over the offered markets on your chosen betting site and bet on one or multiple markets. Even though some bookmakers may offer a wide range of markets, in most cases, you will find the markets mentioned below.

Half Time/Full Time

This is one of the most popular markets in MLS where you can increase odds simply by having a good knowledge of the match mixed with a pinch of luck. Here you can place a wager on the final result, individual score of each team, difference between the two teams, and a lot more.

Corner Props

This is for more advanced bettors as it requires a lot of research about the match and the players. One should also know about the style of the match, playing technique of the players and bet on over on corners and under on corners of the match. One can bet on the player taking the corner, the exact number of corners or the number of goals gained from the corners.

Next Goal

This is a very good sports market if you are up for making some quick cash. In this market, all you have to do is to predict which team makes the next goal. As you can assume, this market is one of the best in in-play betting where you can observe the flow of the match and make a three-way bet. You can either go for Team A, Team B or No Goal.

Exact Score

Betting on this market requires the maximum amount of confidence in reading the match. Unlike most markets in MLS, this has very handsome odds which can be earned only if you succeed to predict the exact result of the full match. The longer the bet remains, the more the odds increase, often making it tenfold or more. This can also include the other bets you made while the match was ongoing, including the corners in the first half or the score of the first half etc.

MLS Odds

If you are new in sports betting or do not have much idea about American odds, then this section may help you out. American odds are read a bit different than the European ones. These are usually presented in -150, +150, or Even format in which Even format stands for +100. Positive format allows you to draw more money than you placed as bet. For instance, betting +150 means that if you wager $100, you will be able to win $150 instead. As you can see, there are negative formats as well which mean that your winning amount will be lesser than the amount you wagered. As a result, you have to bet $150 to win $100, which is basically the exact opposite of the first format. For EVEN format, you will not benefit or gain loss from the bet as the amount will remain exactly the same.

Major Events

MLS events are divided into two seasons: regular season and the post-season playoffs. As both are suitable for betting, let us take you through how they work.

Regular Season

Each season starts from March to October where twenty-four teams from the US and Canada participate. They are divided evenly into Eastern and Western MLS Conference where each team gets to play against its opponents twice, home and away. The team with the highest point at the end of the season is rewarded with the Supporters’ Shield Trophy.


The top twelve teams from the regular season in the US Soccer play in the USA MLS Cup playoffs. At the MLS Cup Championship, the winner is awarded the MLS Cup. The match is not only highly anticipated but also highly rewarding for the bettors.

CONCACAF Champions League

Along with an additional place from the USA Soccer Open Cup, the top three MLS teams take part in this league. This is also an entertaining event on which bettors take a huge interest.

MLS Favourites

MLS 2019 is not that far behind and to prep you up for this highly entertaining championship, here are some of our favorite teams for the season.

Toronto FC

The winner of Canadian Championship 2018 is back again to fulfill their mission of becoming the first MLS team to win the CCL. With seemingly great records, lots of star players, TFC is set to face some of the big titles in the upcoming season.

Sporting Kansas City/ Toluca FC

A winner of the 2017 US Open Cup, Sporting Kansas City, is back at the CCL tournament where they will face Toluca FC, runner-up of 2018 Clausura. As this is the first time these two plays in together, the match is already hyped up to the sports bettors. 

Houston Dynamo

This is the 2018 US Open Cup winner’s 5th entrance in the CCL where they will face Guastatoya. Unlike some teams from the top of the leaderboard, Houston Dynamo had a tricky season, which makes their 2019 performance unpredictable. This is another reason why they are set for expert bettors who love to take challenges.


Now that you know the basics of MLS and how to bet on it, here are some important tips that will help you to stay ahead while betting in this market.


If you want to bet on MLS, the first thing you may want to do is to have a very clear idea of which team is playing against which team, on which day. A simple printout or a rough sketch on the notebook may come in handy during the season. In that way, you can choose a match or a team and do your research based on it.

Home Venue

MLS matches usually do not take place in enormous stadiums, however, you need to consider the venue as it may play a big part on the result of a certain team. For example, Kansas, Portland and Seattle are known for more home-field advantages than the other teams in the league. 

MLS Standings

Going through each team’s position on the table may help a bettor to learn about the team’s current state. While teams from the higher position are more likely to perform better, teams from the bottom are less likely to beat a top team on any average day.

Weather and Climate

Weather and climate can often play a great role in determining which team will gain an advantage. For instance, a more athletic team may perform better in a wet weather. Similarly, players used to playing in a cold climate may struggle when they play in a very hot one. Considering these things beforehand may help you to predict a lot about a team’s performance.

Line Movement

To gain the most out of a bet, keep a track of the line movements so that you can bet when the price is right. Odds are usually constantly changing and learning to understand its movements will give you an upper hand on the matter.


Because just watching the sport is simply not enough. It’s time to take your love for MLS to a new level. Now that you know about how MLS betting works, all you need to do is to find a convenient sports betting site and start reaping rewards!

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