Betway Introduces New Player Focused Bonuses for Canadian Players

Disappointing the players is Betway’s biggest fear. As a highly respectable betting operator, this particularly outstanding member of the online gaming landscape is paying extreme care towards making its players feeling content at all times.

Through Betway’s resort-styled sportsbook filled with an incredibly vast selection of betting markets, selections and competitive odds, you will hardly ever get around to trying everything there is on offer. Great chances are that even the biggest betting novice in Canada has heard about Betway even before laying their eyes on this promo article here. You will have seen their logo splashed on the shirts of London-based Premier League side West Ham United as well as on the jerseys of Ninjas in Pyjamas. What truly sets Betway apart from other online betting operators is their exclusive promo package which as of recently includes a very special deal for players coming from Canada.

Betway Sport Betting Promotions

Introducing Flexi Bonus

In a constant attempt and striving to make players’ gaming experience easier and more pleasant, Betway have kept their ears wide open and eyes peeled. What they’ve learned is that players do not particularly enjoy getting tied up by wagering requirements or locked into what often strikes them as obscure terms and conditions. Betway is making it all transparent and clear with a new player-focused bonus which allows players to take a firm grip on their own gameplay.

Awarded in the form of free bonuses or deposit match bonuses, Flexi Bonuses give you the freedom to forfeit your bonus balance and take money from your account at any time without being obliged to go through the wagering requirements of a particular sports bonus. Flexi Bonuses allow you to withdraw your cash balance at any time. All that occurs at any particular moment you decide to cash out is that you forfeit your current bonus balance at the time of withdrawal. If, however, you don’t want to lose your bonus, you are free to wager on until you have met the applicable wagering requirements of individual bonuses.

How Does a Flexi Bonus Work?

Wagering requirements apply to bonus money but not to Free Bets. Welcome bonuses involve a 10x the amount of the bonus awarded requirement, as well as all other bonuses. In case all of this comes a bit confusing, Betway’s Flexi Bonuses operate through a principle called Bonus to Cash Ratio (BCR) which is the percentage split between your total cash balance and your current bonus balance. Simple as that. To put it in even simpler terms, for a deposit worth $20 you get $20 bonus which equals in $40 total balance, composed of 50% cash and 50% bonus amount. The Bonus balance is hence 50%/50% BCR.

A bet worth $10 will be split down the middle with $5 going into your cash balance and the other half getting streamed into your bonus balance. A $20 win from this bet takes $10 (plus the original $5 you bet with) into your cash balance and another $10 + $5 into your bonus balance. In the end, this means you get to withdraw $25 through the Flexi Bonus, while the remaining $25 will be subject to wagering requirements.

Sounds like a great deal to us!

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