Top Baseball Betting Sites – Baseball Betting in Canada

BaseballBaseball is a popular sport all around the world. What adds more fun to this already exciting game is the option to place bets. The winning money part is certainly an added bonus. Whether you are just looking for to pass time or make serious money, learning about baseball betting and the best sites sure has its perks.

Finding the Best Baseball Betting Sites

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The best baseball betting sites are safe and secure, and they offer the best possible odds. Also, they offer more options than the regular betting offers. Betting on the major baseball games is a great way to earn some money, and having fun while at it. Finding the best baseball betting sites is however not easy, as there are so many options to choose from. Thankfully, we are here to take you through the difficult task.

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How We Evaluate Sites

There are a few things that we like to look at while finding the best baseball sites. Here are some of the major ones:


The best baseball betting sites are trustworthy. The banking options for the site has to be reliable, for starters. The software is another important factor. The customer service team needs to be dependable enough to provide the best possible solution. A baseball betting site will be dealing with your hard earned money, and your personal and sensitive information needs to be kept safe. Only a site with proper certifications can do that, hence it’s a criterion to find the best baseball betting sites.

Variety of Bets

Sure, simply betting on the winning team is good enough sometimes, but it won’t do for every player. Betting on other things like prop bets and run totals are of great interest to many bettors. Some sites are more into the basic bets but we like to suggest sites which can offer more. Having a large selection of bets is more fun and enjoyable, and we believe the best baseball betting sites should have them.


The best baseball betting sites are easy to use. Sites that take a lot of time getting used to are not the sites we are particularly fond of. Placing a bet on a game shouldn’t be a hassle. The quicker and easier you get it done, the better. The odds can change at any given time during the game. When you find the value you want, missing the opportunity can be frustrating. This can happen when a site’s interface is not good enough. Also, making the transactions needs to be easy as well.

Criteria to Look for When Selecting a Baseball Betting Site


When it comes to baseball markets, one of the first things to consider is that it has unusual markets. The key markets for baseball are the Run Line, Money Line, and Totals. These are simpler markets to place your bets in. there are some unusual markets as well, with more complex rules. We will discuss them in a while.

Bet types

For a beginner of baseball betting, the terms and lingos can seem intimidating. But in reality, they are not exactly that difficult to understand. We will talk about them in simpler terms to make them easy to understand.


These are the most common and straightforward type of bet you can make. You simply need to place the bet you think is going to win. When placing your bet on the money line, you will see that one team has + in front of the number, while the other has a -. The team with the + is the Underdog, while the other one is the Favorite. The number after the plus sign is the money you will win for making a $100 bet. And the number after the minus sign is the money you need to bet on to win back $100.

Run Line

These type of bets are unique to baseball, and baseball bettors like them quite a lot. This is like the point spread bet. Depending on the site you are betting on, the run lines can range from 1.5 to 2.5 runs. These type of bets can be more useful if you are betting on Favorites.


These type of bets are the most popular bets for the bettors to place on baseball games. the bet refers to the total number of runs at the end of the game by both the teams. The bookmakers will set a specific figure with a half point added. This is called a Hook. The Hook makes sure that every bet that is accepted will fall on one side of the line. There is no chance of any ties. So the bets are either Over or Under. So for example, if the Totals is set at 4.5 between two teams for a game. If the total score of the game turns out to be 5 or more, the Over wins, and if it’s 4 or less, the Under wins.


The Parlay bet is a combination of the money line, run like and totals bets. If any of the picks on your betting ticket loses, then you lose the entire ticket. But if you win all of them, then you will get a substantial amount of payout. This will be more than what you would have won for making and winning each of these bets individually.

Futures Bets

These are the types of bets placed on the outcome of the entire league or season that will happen sometime in the future. These bets are placed before the season begins. Bets like the team to win the World Series, or teams to win each pennant, season-long awards etc. are part of Future Bets. The Future Bets has a high degree of uncertainty, which is why they generally pay out pretty well.


The odds used in baseball betting is mainly Decimal and Fractional odds. They are easier to understand, and you will get a grasp of them fairly easily.

Decimal Odds

The odds for each team will be shown in decimal. Let’s say for example a money line bet is using decimal odds. The odds for team A is 1.8 and for the team, B is 2.0. You can easily multiply the stake with the odds to see your potential return, given your team wins.

Fractional Odds

In this case, the odds of the teams are shown in fractions. So for example, team A has the odds 4/5 and team B has 1/1. In fractional betting, the number after the / is what you have to stake in order to win the number before the /.

Baseball is sometimes referred to as the National Pastime in the United States. This has become a part of the USA’s culture and history. The influence is definitely seen in movies, books, art, news, and other media. The sport is popular at all age and skill levels, as well as many different countries of the world.

Baseball combines both physical and mental talents together, which make it more interesting. It’s different from other popular sports such as football and basketball, as there are no time limits. This gives the game a slower and methodic pace, which makes the sport a unique one.

What You Need to Know About Betting on Baseball

Before betting on baseball, you should know about baseball. Learn how the game is played, and then follow the game religiously enough to pick up the game rules and tactics. See how the teams play individually and in matchups. Learning about the games firsthand is the best way to learn about betting in the right way. You can learn about the betting lingos and terms next to make the best use of the betting tactics. Only following the bookmakers’ odds is not the best way to go on betting, and you should get a knack of the game to be able to do it yourself. Sometimes going against the bookmakers can turn out to be more fruitful.

Baseball Betting FAQ

Q: Are the online sportsbooks safe?

A: Yes, there are many online sportsbooks which are safe and secure. If you do your research, you should be able to find one that is secure.

Q: Do I need to place big bets to win?

A: No! If you want to win your bets, you don’t need to place big ones. Placing the minimum allowed bet is good enough to make you win.

Q: Can I safely put my money on the betting sites?

A: if the site is trustworthy with a good track record, yes, you’re safe. Doing your research is hence essential.

Q: Are Money Line bets my best option?

A: If you’re only in it for fun, then yes. But if you’re looking to venture out more, there are many other options which can give you more enjoyment.

Q: Is MLB the only baseball betting option?

A: No! There are plenty of leagues happening year-round.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Easy, choose a site, create an account, make some deposits and place a suitable bet.

Q: Is baseball betting a good betting game?

A: Yes! But you have to enjoy baseball itself, of course.

Q: Is baseball betting legal?

A: if you’re a resident of a country where gambling isn’t banned, it’s legal for you. 

Baseball Betting Conclusion

Baseball betting sites are a great way to make your baseball games more fun and enjoyable. The sites offer many great options, other than the same old betting offers. The many types of sites can add a variety of fun to any game, and any baseball fan must take advantage of them. Even if you are only looking for some recreational fun, baseball betting is worth checking out.