10 Tips for Successful Betting

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Gambling and betting have been always been a fun way for people to make a few extra bucks. There is a thrill in making a bet which is not quite easy to explain. The intense excitement of making the bet and the euphoria that comes with winning is what keeps bettors coming back for more.

But to make this an enthralling experience, one must use proper strategy before placing their bets and make careful calculations to gauge how much money to put on stake. The planning and strategies may sound complicated but is not rocket science! In the world of gambling, it is impossible to always guarantee a win while betting. Experienced gamblers follow tips and tricks that they have learned over the years to increase their chances of a win. Based on that, here are 10 straightforward and easy tips that will help you make better use of your money and considerably increase your chances of winning!

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Every Successful Bet Has a Strategy Behind It

Although to a layman betting might seem solely like a game of chance, to an experienced bettor the situation is quite different. There is and always will be an element of chance, and frankly, luck seems like a factor too. But all bettors know there is also much more to it than sheer luck. For instance:

Know what you are betting on

If you want to be better at anything, you should try to acquire as much knowledge and information about it. The same general idea also applies to betting. You should have a thorough knowledge of what you are betting on. This will give you an edge over others who are less knowledgeable. Having an in-depth understanding on what you are betting will arm you with better knowledge of the market and you can pick up on subtle signs that others might have missed.

You Need an Understanding of Basic Mathematics

At the end of it all, betting is a numbers game. You might have questioned yourself in high school where will you apply your knowledge of probability and statistics. Well if you are a bettor, you will find yourself frequently calculating the odds and probability of a team winning or losing. Only rookie bettors bet on instinct. More seasoned and experienced bettors will have a better understanding of what the odds tell about the probability of a certain bet.

Try Out Multiple Bookmakers

Bookmakers will often try to give you bonuses and incentives to bet with them and only them. However, to make the most of your bets, you should really look around and check which bookmakers are offering the best prices for the market. The way you constantly check multiple airline tickets to see which one offers the cheapest flight to your destination, the same applies to your bookmakers as well.

Do Not Get Carried Away or Beat Yourself Up Over A Loss

Gambling or betting is a form of sports in all its entirety. So it’s important to know and accept the fact that you WILL lose at some point, even if you’ve hit the gold pot few times in a streak. Here are some Don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Do not let a loss completely throw you off on your game and demotivate you. Try to stick to the plan and the analysis that you have done.
  • The same also applies for a win. Do not let a few winning streaks go to your head.
  • Do not get carried away and bet overconfidently on something you are quite not sure yet. Just because you have been winning the past 2 or 3 bets, there is absolutely no guarantee you will win the next one.

Have a General Understanding of How Bookmakers Set Odds

The way bookmakers set odds depends on a number of reasons. In general, bookmakers will actually set the odds according to what the general people want to play rather than the actual possible outcome of the event. You can use this to exploit where the opinion of the public is blatantly wrong and take advantage of that misinformation. Popular events where casual and less experienced gamblers show huge interests can be an enticing option to bet on. The bettors will not have that much detailed knowledge of the strategy of betting.

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Do Not Always Go for The Big Win

Do not always try to take the shortcut and bet all your money on the bet which seems to have a huge payout. As enticing as it may seem it is not the smartest decision to do so. Always bet on them when you have done enough research on the odds and the probability and if the bet actually has a good value. Otherwise, it is best to stay wary of these types of bets.

Think Long Term

Always think of betting as a long-term endeavor and you will see your bank balance slowly increase. Thinking long term will keep you grounded and stop you from taking impulsive decisions and also give you time to think each and every bet through. If you approach it like a sprint you may find yourself burning through all the cash quite fast without having a substantial return. Whereas, this could have been avoided if you would just have taken it slow and applied more strategy on each of your bet.

Try Less Popular Sports

Try to broaden your horizons on the types of bets you make and on different types of sports. Bookmakers are constantly expanding the number of sports they cover. And that means that there will be some sports which the bookmaker themselves might not also know a lot about. This can be an opportunity to turn the odds in your favor.

Favorites Might Not Always Steal the Win

Bookmakers will more often than not prefer the favorite to win and also expect most of the bettors to bet on them. However, this might not always be the case. Even though on the surface the crowd favorite may look like they have the better chance of winning, it pays to look into it a bit deeper. There might be plenty a time where the favorite gets beaten out by the less favored one. Keep a keen eye on which parties are you betting and analyze all possible outcomes and past results to come to a more informed and better decision on what to bet on.

Get Used to The Fact That Anything Can Happen

When it comes to betting there is never really a guarantee on anything. There is absolutely no way you can come up with a strategy that will always guarantee you a win 100% of the time. Yes, coming up with a well-planned and a well-informed strategy sure does increase your chances of winning, but it in no shape or form guarantees you a win all the time. You need to make peace with the idea that anything can happen and is possible and things can either go in your favor or against.


As simple as they may sound, if you follow these simple betting tips, you are sure to increase your chances of winning quite a lot. The more you practice and gain experience, the sooner you will find your own path through this maze and figure out what works best for you!

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