You Can Go From Hunter to Prince and Earn Up to $1K Every Month at Intertops

Monthly deals carry a special appeal and with 2019 just arriving, Intertops has not one – but two – in store for their valued customers.

As a sportsbook operator which has been in business since 1998, Intertops is one of the oldest online betting operators today. Through the years of operating at the highest level, this sports betting establishment earned a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy operator. And when Intertops is offering you a reward, rest assured it’s a real deal.

Heading strong into the New Year Intertops is running a series of new promotions and deals. We rolled up our sleeves and decided to put a special highlight on a pair of those – rewarding you all year long!

Both are intended for existing customers so you are first advised to sign up at this betting operator by simply tapping the button found in the top right-hand corner on the Intertops website. You will be guided through a series of straightforward steps to complete your registration before you are allowed to fully enjoy in the following:

  • $500 Present For Odds Hunters
  • $1,000 Monthly Parlay Prince

Intertops – Odds Hunter

Odds Hunt

You will be required to show your hunting skills by shooting the highest odds for Intertops’ monthly free cash prize and you won’t even need a bow and arrow. The Intertops player who placed the winning parlay with the highest odds total during one month will be in for a $500 windfall that’s credited to your account at the beginning of the next month. The best thing about the Odds Hunt is that all sports count towards the promotion and that it requires no minimum stake. One rule you have to follow is to avoid Round Robin or Teaser bets as these will not be included in the deal. As for the terms and conditions of this particular promo, Intertops states that it reserves the right to exclude customers from certain or all bonus promotions without prior notice. Wagering and rollover requirements have not been mentioned.

Parlay Prince

Once you’ve polished your hunting skills and become a proper huntsman, Intertops is here to turn you into a prince! In another monthly deal worth a whopping $1,000, a lucky customer with the highest net profit from a single parlay bet during the month will be given an additional $1K bonus with no wagering requirements. As simple as that. In addition to these two top-of-the-crop promo picks we selected, Intertops is offering a selection of other deals that will make your time at this sports betting venue as exciting and rewarding as possible. Simply visit the sportsbook’s Special Offers section and read through them all to see which one best fits your preferences. Don’t forget to read the Rules as well and always remember to play responsibly — and only if you’re over 18.

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