Win Your Dream Football Trip by Betting In-Play with LeoVegas Sport

Self-proclaimed ‘King of Mobile Casino’ – LeoVegas Sport – boasts impressive sports betting portfolio in addition to his prime-time online casino portfolio and has most certainly deserved its moniker.

The Swedish iGaming operator is taking you into the action-packed world of sports betting by laying down some of the best odds for pre-game and Live, In-Play betting you can come across. Almost an endless range of different games and competitions will be at your disposal at LeoVegas Sport and it’s sure to cater to all betting tastes and preferences. A proud winner of the “Sportsbook of the Year 2017” award, LeoVegas Sport is aiming to provide nothing but the best online betting excitement. Always looking to keep its customers smiling, LeoVegas Sport has prepared a season-long prize package which will help you win a football trip of your dreams!

LeoVegas – Win your football trip with LeoVegas Football Club

Season of Rewards

Every time you place five Live football bets with LeoVegas Sport, this sportsbook will give you a reward – either a Profit Boost or a Free Bet – and throughout the season as well!

Earning this nice little treat is achieved through In-Play bets made with your mobile device with a stake worth $20 or more, at at the odds of 1/2 (1.50) or higher. As you go along placing your bets, LeoVegas Sport will hold your hand as you climb the Bonus Ladder towards the unimaginable prize boosts.

The stages of the ladder are spread out as follows:

  • First Qualifying Bet = 5% Profit Boost
  • 5 Qualifying Bets = $10 Free Bet
  • 10 Qualifying Bets = 15% Profit Boost
  • 15 Qualifying Bets = $10 Free Bet
  • 20 Qualifying Bets = 25% Profit Boost
  • 25 Qualifying Bets = $25 Free Bet
  • 30 Qualifying Bets = 25% Profit Boost
  • 35 Qualifying Bets = $20 Free Bet
  • 40 Qualifying Bets = 25% Profit Boost
  • 45 qualifying bets = $20 Free Bet
  • 50 Qualifying Bets = 50% Profit Boost

The 25th qualifying bet you make holds the biggest importance as it promotes you to the Premium Club.

Making that much bets in a month (25) puts you into the LeoVegas Sport’ Premier Ladder where a $20 Free Bet will be credited to your account each time you place further 5 bets. With up to 20 free bets per month, you can grab up to $400 in total.

Dream Football Trip

Premier Ladder is much more than Free Bets every 25 qualifiers. It also brings a chance for you to pick the trip of your choice from LeoVegas Sport’ extensive list of available football heavens – Milan, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and many more. Flights and hotels for two people will be included in this grand prize, together with an unforgettable football experience that includes stadium tours and match tickets for your favourite team’s match.

Winning your dream trip with LeoVegas Sport is done by placing your bets and earning points that contribute towards the Premier Ladder. Points are calculated by accumulating the net winning of your qualifying bets with the number of selections you made during a month’s time. The season of rewards ends on 26th May 2019 so there’s more than enough time to join in and get chasing that football dream (trip) of yours. As you do it, make sure you gamble responsibly and don’t get involved in any betting-related activity unless you’re over 18.

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