Win a €5 Free Bet from 888sport

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We all know the saying “Fortune Favors the Bold.” Well with 888sport it really does. If you are a regular bettor and are quite good at it you can qualify for the Win Win Bonus that 888sport offers. It is a great opportunity for punters to put their sports knowledge to better use.

It does not matter which market is chosen or which type of bet placed. The most important thing is that the odds are 4/1 or higher. You can place a wager on the English Premier League, the National Hockey League, horse racing, or whatever your heart desires. Place over/under bets, outright bets, long-term or short term, the choice is up to you. As long as the minimum wager is €10.

The most important thing is that the market is priced at 4/1 or higher and that your wager is correct. A €5 bonus will immediately be credited.

Win Win €5 Free Bet from 888sport

Win Win €5 Free Bet from 888sport

How Does It Work?

In order to participate, players first have to open an account with 888sport. Creating an account will only take a few minutes of your time and will subsequently offer many betting opportunities. After you have done so you can start placing wagers. In order to participate in the Win Win €5 Free Bet players have to correctly guess one market backed at 4/1+ odds or higher.

Mind you, it is easy to guess the winner of the French Ligue 1 or the over/under between Barcelona vs Getafe. However, only bold punters and experienced bettors have the courage to place bets on higher odds.

He who risks gains! The gain, in this case, is a €5 bonus. 888sport will reward all of their most courageous punters after a winning bet at any type of a market.

Terms and Conditions

As mentioned above, in order to qualify for a €5 bonus bettors have to place a winning bet on any kind of sports markets at 4/1 odds or higher. All punters immediately qualify and will be credited their reward after the match concludes. All sports markets and types of wagers are included within the offer. Only winning bets count!

Additionally, in order to participate, you have to place a minimum of €10. Punters who wager less will not be counted within this offer.

Another thing to know is that all players who meet the requirements can only get one €5 bonus a day. If you win today, come back tomorrow with another bold prediction in order to win another bonus.

Welcome Bonus

Like most bookmakers, 888sport rewards their new players with a welcome bonus! It will offer you more opportunities and enable you to get creative with your bets.

After registering your account make your first deposit with a promo code 30fb. Players are allowed to choose any type of sports market at any odds and place their first bet of €10 or more. After the bet is settled, you will be rewarded with a €30 welcome bonus. Your winnings will be credited to you after the market has finished and your bet settled. Terms and conditions apply.

The 888sport welcome offer is available at all times and doesn’t have an expiration date. Gaining an entrance bonus is a favorable way for novice players to realize their potential and enter the world of sports betting!