Take ‘Em On and earn a Free Bet every weekend at 888sport

And while we’re only a few weeks away from the start of the MLS, football competitions across Europe are well underway. Some of them are looking to be extremely exciting, while in some the future champions are inches away from winning the trophy. In both cases, that doesn’t mean the upcoming games lack the thrill.

It really doesn’t matter whether a team is eyeing the championship, or it looks to secure a place in the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League. It doesn’t matter if the team is bravely fighting to avoid relegation, or if it has already been relegated. The excitement is guaranteed, as teams across the continent continue their battle for points, round after round, the weekend after weekend.

888sport - Take ‘Em On and earn a Free Bet every weekend

888sport – Take ‘Em On and earn a Free Bet every weekend

And while the teams are looking forward to winning points, bettors are equally eager to win as well, looking for the best odds on the market, and trying to find the right game. That’s no easy task, as their choice – and 90 minutes of football – is what separates winners from losers. Sometimes, making the right choice can bring a bit more than just a win.

888sport New Promotion: Take ‘Em On and earn a Free Bet every weekend

888sport has a wide selection of football leagues on offer, which means bettors can easily find a game to bet on. With their new ‘Take ‘Em On’ promotion, 888sport offers eligible customers the chance to get a Free Bet every weekend!

The first thing you’ll need to do is to open an account at 888sport. If you already have one, you’ll need to opt-in to any of the available leagues, but bear in mind you’ll need to repeat the process every week if you want to stay in this race.

After you’ve registered for the competition, the race begins. Every time you have a winning weekend bet, you will receive points. The bigger the price of your winner is, the more points you will get, so it will definitely pay off if you risk a bit.

It’s time to storm up the leader board and bag those all-important freebies!

This is an excellent offer you wouldn’t want to miss. Week after week, the national football competitions are getting more and more exciting. Who’ll win the title? Who’ll avoid being relegated at the end of the season? There are many questions still left unanswered, which means there’s a wide offer of exciting fixtures for you to bet on.

This offer is waiting for you at 888sport. So hurry up and join the race!

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