NETeller Betting Sites in Canada

NetellerNETeller is one of the most recognizable and trusted financial institutions that serves many customers in different areas of business — online betting sites are one of them. This premier financial platform allows secure deposits and withdrawals of your funds at the blink of an eye.

If you are looking to use NETeller on Canadian betting sites, make sure to read this review and find out all the details.

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What Is NETeller?

NETeller is a financial platform that operates under Paysafe Financial Services Ltd™ — a company that allows both individuals and businesses to transfer money conveniently and safely. NETeller is a great online alternative to traditional payment methods — it encompasses various methods of depositing and withdrawing money and functions where others might not.

That kind of ability is particularly useful for betting sites and the iGaming industry.

Why Use NETeller?

The reason why NETeller is the go-to choice of bettors worldwide is its exceptional offer of different payment methods that is up to par with its availability. Gambling sites and casinos around the globe are more than happy to enlist NETeller in their lists of preferable financial institutions.

Furthermore, you can be sure NETeller will work even when debit and credit cards won’t, thanks to a multitude of other payment methods associated with it.

How to Deposit Using NETeller?

Follow these easy steps to find out how to deposit money at online betting platforms in Canada using NETeller.

  1. Register and validate your NETeller personal account.
  2. Choose one of the accepted payments options and transfer funds to your NETeller account.
  3. Go to the desired betting site and select NETeller under the “Deposits” section as your payment method.
  4. Deposit the wanted sum and start betting.

How to Withdraw Using NETeller?

Withdrawing money from your NETeller account is as easy as depositing. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Navigate your way to the “Withdrawal” section on the betting site.
  2. Select NETeller as the withdrawal method.
  3. Choose the desired amount that you wish to withdraw.
  4. Confirm your withdrawal.

Using NETeller Online Betting Sites

Due to its wide range of accepted ways of depositing and withdrawing money, NETeller has become indispensable on betting sites — now you have one financial platform where all transactions are fast, safe, and without restrictions. That being said, it’s no wonder that a vast majority of betting sites have been using and will continue to use NETeller services for a considerable amount of time.

Disadvantages of Using NETeller

Even though there are far more advantages than disadvantages, some drawbacks still exist. One of the most significant ones are the fees. Making transactions to and from your NETeller account will cost you.

All deposits under $20,000 will require a 2.5% fee, whereas withdrawals to bank accounts, money wiring to other members, and other transactions will cost you $10, $12.75, and a 1.45% of the amount, respectively.

Also, there is a lengthy list of countries that NETeller excludes (you can see the list on their website), so should you wish to use NETeller for transfers to these locations, you won’t be able to.

NETeller Customer Support

If you are in need of assistance, the customer support team from NETeller will be glad to help you in any way they can. Under the “Support” menu, you will see a designated bar where you can type your question. You can also visit the list of already answered questions other users brought up.

NETeller FAQ

How long does it take to receive money using NETeller?

NETeller provides almost instant withdrawal services; however, some betting sites require anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to process your request.

Does it cost more money if I make a large deposit?

Making deposits greater than $20,000 is free of charge, whereas deposits less than that come with a 2.5% fee.

Can I use NETeller outside of Canada?

Yes, you can use NETeller in all countries except those listed as non-serviced.

Who benefits most from using NETeller?

Both the betting sites and their users stand to benefit the most from using NETeller

Which banks is NETeller available through?

NETeller does business with the majority of banks and banking institutions around the world.

Do I have to open an account with NETeller to use their services?

Yes, you are required to open an account with NETeller before using their services.

Are transactions via NETeller protected?

All transactions are protected using state-of-the-art protection protocols and systems that make NETeller probably the safest financial platform.

Can I reverse a transaction using NETeller?

A reversal of transactions is possible through a refund for which you will have to contact NETeller customer support.

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