Get 50% Super Bowl Deposit Bonus at Intertops

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us and if that isn’t enough to excite even the most pessimistic of sports fans, then nothing is. It’s considered to be the biggest night of the calendar year, and it doesn’t really matter which country you live in – because that should apply worldwide, in our book.

There are a series of top promotions just waiting to be snatched up by Canadian players and betting fans over the course of the next few days, and in this instance, we’re going to turn our attention towards Intertops. As we all know they’re considered to be one of the leading lights in the betting world, and they’ve certainly stepped up their game for the purposes of the big game.

They’re offering up a 50% Super Bowl Deposit Bonus for the big game, allowing you to secure up to $100 for absolutely nothing. The code you’ll need for the offer is SBLIII100, and it’s available leading all the way up to kickoff this Sunday. So, if you’re still going back and forth regarding what you want to do or how you want to lay out your bets, then don’t worry as you’ve still got plenty of time to decide.

Intertops - 50% Super Bowl Bonus

Intertops – 50% Super Bowl Bonus

This offer seems particularly beneficial in a game of this nature, as it really is a tossup regarding who is going to have the edge between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Both have pros and cons within their own right, but one big lump on who you think will come out on top could lead to some big earnings for you.

The bonus is valid only for North American customers meaning that Canadian players are in luck, even if you still choose to believe that the Grey Cup is a little bit more prestigious or important in your own mind.

It’s available for one deposit but make sure you’re quick in acting upon the bonus, as it needs to be redeemed immediately in the wake of the deposit being made (and prior to any wagers). The maximum you can place is $100 with minimum odds of -200, and the bonus needs to be rolled over 8x.

Reading the fine print is important here in allowing you to maximize what you’re able to accomplish or achieve within this bet, but even with that being said, this feels like a home run of a deal. All you need to do now is contemplate over one question above all others: who do you trust more, Brady or Goff?

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