Get 5 Bonus Spins per Touchdown at Betway

The one thing that you can guarantee about the Super Bowl this weekend is that you aren’t going to be short options. In saying that, we’re of course referring to the plethora of betting odds for all of you Canadian players out there.

It’s the single biggest opportunity to earn money from a sporting event all year round, and we’ve got a feeling that many of you are going to be taking full advantage of that opportunity.

One of the offers that we consider to be particularly intriguing comes from Betway, who are offering up a ‘5 Bonus Spins per Touchdown’ type of deal. The premise sounds pretty simple, but even if that were to be the case, shaking your head at a promotion of this nature feels like a rookie mistake.

You start things off by opting into the promotion, before placing $10 on a pre-match Super Bowl bet of your choosing. Then, every single time there’s a touchdown, you’ll receive five free bonus spins on their system – with a maximum number of 50 free spins. You might not be a fan of the limit but just think about everything you could achieve and win with what you’ve got.

Betway - 5 Bonus Spins per Touchdown

Betway – 5 Bonus Spins per Touchdown

You only get one set of bonus spins per customer but with generous minimum odds, it still feels like this is a home run of an offer. The last few Super Bowls have seen some utterly tremendous attacking displays and we’re fully expecting plenty of points to be put up on the board, which is probably why they’ve capped the number of available free spins at 50.

The Pats know how to drive the ball downfield with Tom Brady whereas Jared Goff, simply put, is going to be one of the biggest stars in the NFL over the course of the next few years. It’s fine if you disagree with that sentiment, but let’s be honest, you still can’t deny the numbers.

As you’d expect the promotion is only available right up until the Super Bowl begins, meaning you should take the time to think about your selections. There are a lot of different avenues you could go down with the Super Bowl as opposed to just lumping your money on the winner as you usually would, so take some time to think about it.

There could potentially be a lot of money at stake for you here and when you consider how exciting a Patriots Super Bowl usually is, letting fate do its thing seems like the best course of action.

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