Five Best Cross-Sport Super Bowl Prop Bets

Tom Brady

Betting on the Super Bowl does help make watching the game a little more interesting and exciting. Betting on the outcome can make seeing how the game finishes more enticing. But it doesn’t do much for the entirety of the game.

That is where the many Super Bowl prop bets offered by many sportsbooks come in hand. Don’t have any interest in watching Maroon 5? But if you have money down on what color Adam Levine’s shoes are or whether SpongeBob SquarePants takes a knee, the halftime show becomes must-see TV.

For some, silly bets like those are just what they are looking for. But for the more serious sports fan, something more sports-centric may be desired. As could be expected, the oddsmakers have been more than happy to oblige.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Several are offering cross-sport Super Bowl prop bets involving some aspect of the Super Bowl and an athlete in another sport. The following are some of the best ones being offered:

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What will be higher, Zion Williamson’s total points scored and rebounds when Duke plays St. Johns on February 2 or the number of pass completions Tom Brady has in the Super Bowl?

  • Zion Williamson     -140
  • Tom Brady     +110

Brady has completed an average of 29.4 passes in his eight Super Bowl appearances. But in his last four, that total was closer to 33.8. He has had 30 and 34 in the playoffs but averaged 23.4 a game during the regular season (and had more than 30 just once; 34 against the Colts).

Williamson is averaging 22 points a game this season and 9.2 rebounds. But over the last couple of weeks (five games), he has been on fire with 27 points and 8.4 rebounds a game.

Tough one, right (prediction—go with Zion)? This next one should be a lot easier:

Which will be higher, the Knicks win total this season or how many completions Brady throws?

  • Knicks     +170
  • Brady     -250

The Knicks have won ten games as of February 1 with 32 left to play. At that rate, they are looking at winning maybe six more games. Brady will have 16 completions by halftime (prediction—isn’t it obvious?). This next one is going to be a little more challenging:

Which will be higher, James Harden’s point total against the Jazz on February 2 or the number of pass attempts Tom Brady has?

  • Harden     -120
  • Brady     -120

Brady has averaged 46.4 attempts in his last eight playoff games (45 in the two this year). Harden is averaging 45.4. However, that number is a little inflated due to three games where he scored 57, 58, and 61.

Utah’s defense ranks 24th for their last five games in which they have allowed a high score from 28-36 points. Harden is going to hit 40+ again (prediction—Harden).

There are more involving NBA players out there, but there are other sports involved—like hockey:

What will be higher—the number of goals the Montreal Canadiens score against the Oilers on February 3 or the number of turnovers in the Super Bowl?

  • Canadiens    -150
  • Turnovers     +110

Last year there were two; the year before there were three. Super Bowl L got a little crazy with six and XLIX had three. Both defenses had 18 interceptions during the regular season; New England had one more forced fumble with 14. Neither team was turnover prone; both had just two fumbles, and the Rams had one more interception (12).

The Canadiens are averaging 3+ goals a game over their last six but just two goals in each of their last two. They are playing an Oilers team giving up 3+ goals a game and 15 total in their last three.

The two offenses in the Super Bowl just don’t make mistakes (prediction—take the Canadiens.

Which will be higher—Tiger Woods first round score at the Masters or rushing yards for Todd Gurley?

  • Tiger    -140
  • Gurley     EVEN

Tiger has only cracked 70 in the first round of the Masters once; last season he shot a 73. Gurley averaged 89 yards a game in the regular season but went for less than 70 in six of the 14 games he played in. After getting 115 against Dallas, he only had ten against the Saints.

Everyone says there is nothing wrong with him and Sean McVay has talked about trying harder to get him carries this time. But if he is ‘sorry’ or C.J. Anderson gets off to a great start, there is no telling how much action he could get. It doesn’t help that the Patriots have been tough against the run in the postseason (prediction—take Tiger on this one).

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