Check Out Super Bowl Stake Back Specials at Intertops

With the Super Bowl being right around the corner, it should hardly come as much of a surprise for fans to learn that there are some great promotions out there for Canadian players to take advantage of between now and the big game. It’s one of the biggest betting weekends of the year in the sports world and rightly so, given the vast array of options that you’ve got at your fingertips.

We’re heading back to the big and bold Intertops for this particular offer, which is known simply as the Super Bowl Stake-Back Special. You could get up to $50 returned to you as a free bet on many of the betting props and markets available during the return of the greatest show on turf, which is both kind and reasonable, given how much fun it is to dive head first into the props throughout the event.

There are three primary ‘sectors’ if you will in regards to the stake back offers, starting off with the Fantasy Football Matchups. You could get up to $50 on your losing stake based on any specific matchup props, but only if your player’s team winds up winning the game and subsequently the Super Bowl as a whole. However, only the very first player that you select per matchup is going to count in the prop – so pick wisely.

Intertops - Super Bowl Stake-Back Specials

Intertops – Super Bowl Stake-Back Specials

The second big deal focuses on the What Will Happen First prop which, again, gives you the chance to earn up to $50 in your losing stake. This will apply if your selection for what happens first actually ends up being the second or third major event that happens, so in this instance, silver or bronze isn’t all too bad in comparison to the gold.

The third deal comes in the form of Exact Scoring Betting, which may be our favorite. We all know that it’s difficult to predict the exact score of any NFL game let alone the Super Bowl, and Intertops understands that too. Essentially, if the team you chose scores the right amount of points that you predicted and still wins the Super Bowl, you’ll get the money back. As an example, you may pick the Rams to win 30-14, and if they end up winning 30-21, you’ll still qualify.

The amount that you get back as a free bet (note that we said up to $50) depends on the stake. If it’s between $10 – $24.99 then you’ll get a $10 free bet, $25 – $49.99 earns you a $25 free bet, with $50 or higher earning you the full Monty with a $50 free bet to spend however you so wish.

So buckle up, because this is bound to be yet another Super Bowl full of drama and unpredictability.

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